2 deaths of me since i was kid by muslims first and then hindus here is the story what happened


I am going to tell you story what exactly happened with me i was small kid and i went to janbagh dead people cemetery and i saw big dead man having blocked his nose by something and i started fearing and i said he is evil and when i came back my health started become bad he came inside my body when i said he is evil i didnt knew he will be effected and i was healthy and beautiful and i died maybe by fearing because of him who came inside me a dead man and he put his genies to not let anyone know i have become a genie and the feeling which i had of healthy and beautiful i could not felt it.

It was time of circumcision and i went on the place where i dont wanted to do circumcision and my grand father referred a doctor and there on circumcision i died because of hindu doctor and hindus came to know truth hindu god has done a mistake and from past time devtas like amitabh bachan came to proof hindu god has not done any mistake otherwise hindu god will be cursed and amitabh tried to proof in public by becoming a star that hindu god is true and he was failed 2 to 3 times because i was not thinking bad on hindus and hindus forced me to think bad so amitabh bachan become popular and proof hindu god is true and hindu god is not cursed on doing a mistake and i came to know this recently when i saw hindu devtas attaching some kind of sticky lines on back side of my private balls including of amitabh bachan so hindu god is not cursed and nobody comes to know hindu god did mistake. I am original genie and i remove them and muslim dead man genies and i felt healthy like i was feeling when i was kid and they immediately came back again so hindu god is not cursed and muslim dead doesnt becomes evil.

I was human and life and i think and my thinking happened i didnt knew that my thinking will become true even not being genie and i went to religious places regularly and no religious angel or god tried to find out what is truth and until i came to know truth by myself on researching truth nobody helped me.

Now after knowing truth i am telling to all because today i will be going to church asking for help and i am not christian but i have christian family from bible and gods and angels and genies and souls and dead ones and from jews too and many others.

I am sure that christian god and jesus will help me in christianity church and remember that i am not christian and i have my own religion.

When a god is proven as done mistake you know what there people will do to win so i won from everyone and now they want to kill me and kill anyone who tries to help me or save me by putting in cases and trouble and forcing me to be like puppet.

hindus has put sticky lines on back side of my private balls and there snake is also on back side of my private part balls and they try to proof naag vansh will continue from me and there hindu genie from hospital where circumcision of me was happening says on left side of leg mistake happened.

muslim dead man is on right side back of body in some area and his genies are on left side of my leg and if they are removed then i feel happy and i have feeling like i was having when i was happy and talking to my sibling sister batool at the age of 6 or 7 maybe and i was talking fast and use to laugh and cry and everybody liked me very much and now if i become beautiful then those genies tries to me make me look ugly by forcing me to think bad for other gods and put me in cases and makes new genies of gods whom i think bad as new enemies so there time is not changed and they dont become evil or curses or known as done mistake.


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