A Genie Confessed And Resigned From His Community By Saying (We Are Sinless People That Is Why We Are Alive In World Of God But We Are Not Real Because When We Become To Die We Try To Win By Forcing Winner To Hate Something Or Forcing Winner To Sin So We Continue To Live)

Just few seconds ago a genie confessed and resigned from his community by saying we always believe we are sinless people in our community in worlds of god and when we become lie and become to die then we force those who becomes true then us by forcing them to hate something or forcing them  to sin so we win from them and we continue to live in world of god and we know now we are not real and our community is not real otherwise we would have never forced anyone to hate something or forced someone to sin when we lost from them to get winning because forcing someone to hate something and forcing someone to sin is evil sinner act only which is commonly known in reality to humans.

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