A Genie Must Identify His Partner From Body But Not Because Of His God

A genie always believes in those who likes or loves there god or believes in there god because god is the only one who gives them property to live and some genies knows if they dont take name of god when dying or when need in help they will not get help but genies who identifies there partner or someone by there identity like body they get convinced that those whom they identify with body will help them in any bad situation and living together whether they remember them by there name or not if they live together but if genies lives with not god then he needs to ask god for help to get help by remembering the name of god or asking god for help so god comes and helps them otherwise god will not help without there genies remembering his name and he doesnt know whether genies are in problem or not. (in simple sense what i want to say is that according to knowledge without taking name of god who will help you ? only your identified partner or with someone you live)

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