A genie who is enemy of torah said torah is true in front of public but what she did to win from torah genies ? complete story

I am torah and if i like something or love someone then every torah genies likes it or loves it so i asked some of my torah wives to kiss me and love me and they kissed me and loved me and i started feeling good and liking them and loving them but enemy genie of me her time was changed and she was being declared as sinner in public and she was becoming bad so her genies did what some of my torah wives did with me without taking my permission immediately after i like them and love them and she clean her mind and i came to know truth and i said what is this i was distracted because how can anyone come and do what my wives are doing with me without my permission. She ran away and she started proving to my torah genies torah is true where she was biggest enemy of torah to win from torah genies because torah genies won from her an she was being declared as bad in front of public so she told to others in theatres torah is true and many things it was unbelievable and i just kept quiet and laughed but torah genies became fool because they didnt know i am the only original torah genie of torah who is torah and i know what enemies of torah do to win from torah. They didnt understood when i told them what enemies are doing when i am in love of some of my torah wives.

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