Ahmed Is Not Allowed To Control His Body And Genies And Hindu Genies And Muslim Genies And Others Has Kept Boxes Genies Inside His Body Attached And Finishing Judaism And Torah And Universe Genies And Giving Sins To Ahmed And Genies Punishes Ahmed Why ? Ahmed Is Not Allowed To Remove Sins From His Body And Those Who Says Ahmed Sinned They Will Take Fate From Ahmed To Sleep With Some Girl Genies Whom Ahmed Loves Truly (Jewish And Torah Genies And Moon Genies And Mars Genies…) Ahmed Didnt Understood Narju Or His Genies And All Religions Genies (Just Now Sperms Of Man Were Put On Ahmed Mouth) All Religions Are Playing Game And Punishing Ahmed And His Family Genies By Giving Sins Of The World And By Forcing World To Become Bad By Attaching Boxes Genies To Ahmed And Controlling Him And Misusing Him So Do Ahmed Have Right To Delete Hinduism And Islam And Christianity And All Other Religions Who Gives Sins On Ahmed And Punishes His Genies Family By Not Checking Which Genies Has Put Which Sin On Which Part Of Ahmed Body ? Please If God Exist Or True Justice Specially Sinless And Who Says God Exist And Never Lie Who Do Everything In Advance And Who Makes Time.

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