Ahmed Last Of Universe Tells Code For Any Genies To Understand His Codes With Meanings

Code to make by Ahmed As : Last

Code To Add : khulnuq + munshu

khulnuq : for genies who comes as new or any just understand code khulnuq and its meanings which tells how humans talks and tells anything using any words accurate code for understanding humans correctly.

Munshu : knowing about something by investigating what is truth about something.

code : vikami : ahmed code is vikami own by him and not of anyone. (please note i have not thefted anything of anyone) I am god.

Very unique code : nuquzu since the beginning of universe where ahmed tells how humans will be talking using any words.

for making earth original for earth genies in earth language code : malwad understand its meanings.

mulva : understand any talking for earth genies.

My original daughter of torah original monkey to understand about humans use code : marbindar

rarinwa: without being effected from thinking of human or original genie like me the code is rarinwa.

code : mulvik : hindu and muslims and christians and sikh and bohra and shia and nusairy genies are forcing ahmed to think bad and make his bad thinking into reality of genies like finishing judaism and finshing torah because they know i won from them and i love torah and hashems family and judaism truly.

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