Ahmed Says Its Advanced Knowledge Game – Understand This Game

You need to understand what i am telling you to understand the game exactly like i am telling you. I am first god of universe and genies learned knowledge of truth from me to win and i have to fly to proof i am true to everyone but if i am becoming true those who sinned are becoming lie and they are dying and even becoming porn stars so what those genies did is they believe in me to be true as first god of universe and then when i say from mind or talk from mind by saying i am first god of universe there power increased and they use there power on me to make some of my genies bad and give there sins on me and angels of different religions who knows they are lie then me takes the sin and even forcely sins so i dont become true because when sin is put on me after genies lie in front of my genies by saying we want to give you punishment because you dont believe in ahmed to be first god of universe and we proof we are true so they believe in me only to win from me and not let me fly and when sins are put on me the genies of me says i am sinner and they levitate and i get troubled in my body or my body sometimes stretches and there genies comes quickly when i remember truth in my mind and they dont let me see reality and put me out of reality by saying i am lie otherwise there god will die if he becomes lie and sometimes my complete body is filled with sins of everyone who does sins forcely so there god doesnt dies and they win from me and nobody comes to know truth. Now i am only earth real god and one god of time and first god of universe and original torah and judaism belongs to me and i am last of torah so whenever i am trying to fly i have to say from mind that i am flying and i will fly but genies whose gods has become lie then me they say there god is true and they forcely sin to win from me and others believes i am first god universe to win from my genies and they tell its your punishment which we want you to do like do porn or become porn star or call girl or do taboo so i become bad and i dont fly. They are trying to make time where i am proven as sinner and my memory is saved in time so later they force me remember i sinned and everyone says i am bad.. I even showed my problem to one of my genie so she understands what is happening because when i try to fly genies put stones and many things in my legs and back of stomach and they block my head so i dont fly with weight by saying if i fly then there god will become wrong and they will die. If earth real god flies what will happen and if first god of universe flies what will happen because i already proved i am true and nobody else is true then me. Genies have evil feeling in there head like if they are remembered with earlier or any memory of truth then they change and they dont have control and they dont investigate. So if i fly those who did sins will become porn stars and who came to know truth from me comes quickly to change time when they try to become porn star after i proved i am true like if i like someone or love someone then immediately they come quickly and to change time they kiss me too so i am distracted and my genies are distracted and they believe they are true that they come and kissed me by proving something. If i like someone or love someone what will exactly happen to those who tries to change time so they dont become porn stars because who came to know they are becoming porn stars they want some of my genies to become porn stars so they dont lost from me and i dont fly and dont like or love someone who are my genies. I am sure that you learned advanced knowledge game and remember genies also thefts believe and fate and force my genies to come in reality in front of me and not let me talk to them and my believe gets decreased and they force me to eat food too so they dont get hungry and remember the game never ends because retries happens even after losing by doing debate and use any truth and win if nobody responds then they lost so in this game the genies have to keep doing debate continuously so they dont lost whenever anyone tries to win from them and retries happens and who wins they control time and can do anything to anyone and proof to those from whom they lost to be sinner or bad or anything. In advanced game genies fools if you dont debate with wisdom and you must be intelligent and not idiot or dumb to say take anything you want from anyone and leave because they will take your winning and they will bring your winning in reality and you will not know what happened. I say this is advanced knowledge game because you have to continuously keep proving truth and genies can do anything as i tested to tell some of my genies to put there piss and shit or private part on my mouth or tounge and like and genies even who lost frmo me they put the same so they distract me and win from me that means its very dangerous game and they use people for increasing there power by telling everyone though me only what i talk bad about them so there believe increases and there genies comes to kill me and my genies. So even if i cut my head and like it or love it or ask my genie to cut my head and like it or love it then genies who lost from me will come quickly and cut my head and distract me so i lost from them and time is not changed because if i like someone or love someone who are my genies then i win from others and i am proven as true and i can fly. Understand the game by trying to make a cartoon or video so you understand what exactly happens and genies even blocks earth root which is in middle of head so i get pain and nobody comes to know what is happening and they dont leave until time is changed of everyone and they dont become porn star until everybody else becomes porn star and they unblock my middle of earth root. The only soultion in this situation is to kill genies who are my enemies in this game and those who are original genies can keep the country genie in jail and start killing and after killing make sure genies dont resurrect from body from those of whom they are enemy and they win because genies will keep resurrection bars or anything in body of enemy to resurrect from them. Genies have to control truth that they will know what evil means because even some gods will force others to sin and can do anything to win so they dont become bad or there time is not changed and they hide there sins. I will suggest you when you fight make sure you dont believe in your god too because even he can be in control of your enemy and if you are distracted then you lost and you must be self original believer on your own and infallible otherwise you will lost from your love or any truth and if you want to keep your power not decreased without believing in god then you need to keep using the wordings by believing in sky or sometimes moon or anything who is not life and natural and nobody must know those wording and if they come to know those wordings then you need to change wordings and your power will not decrease because with wordings power is increased if it is true and you need to be intelligent like if your enemy believes in first god of universe to be true then you need to believe in wordings yes he is first god of universe where you have understanding how to interact and become true and you must not tell wordings in front of your enemy.

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