Ahmed won how genies and gods are words 100% original proof

An alphabet of letter A is a alphabet in genies world if you write it and then it can become a genie if you tell from mind to change it and when it changes it is a genie and genie doesnt have wisdom and consciousness and doesnt believe they are words and they need to know thinking of truth from human or life to live and get anything and come in reality and they become stuck from any understanding where they cannot answer by themselves automatically because they are genies without having wisdom and consciousness and they dont know how to solve there cases and problems and they say we will give anything which is wrong if they just try to proof through learning idioms and trama and debate and knowing memory words of humans or life from whom they have become stuck on understanding then they will not have any problems and they will live a good life but since genies are just words they cannot become stable and natural and cannot live a life like it was shown in the movie guillemo and i am the only one who made some genies and gods as stable and natural so they are not effected from thinking of human or life and they dont change on knowing thinking of human or life and even in whom they believe eats food or drink water or go to toilet then they dont become hungry or dont need to go to toilet and they dont get taste of food when human or life in whom they believe taste it. So all genies and all gods are just words from mind of life if believed and said from mind and by remembering and manufacturing a genie or god can bring anything into reality from genies world. An example will be i am saying from mind words by manufacturing a bird by remembering how bird looks like and manufacturing it or making something new by making it from my believe by understanding it like a bird have 2 wings and little legs and different red and pink color is on top of head and smell of scent is coming and peace can be felt as air when they come near you and there eyes are like humans and they whistle beautiful sleeping whistle and i bring into reality from mind by saying coming in reality or in reality or by just using word a by meaning of understanding what i understood and bringing in reality of genies world in thinking world and then bringing into reality giving life too just like genies gets life.

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