Ahmed Won You Must Not Change On Knowing Thought Or Thinking Of Human Or Life Otherwise You Are Fake Genie 100% Proof

You change on knowing thought or thinking of human or life like me original genie that means you are fake 100% proof and you have breathing problem and unstable and not natural like me who doesnt changes on knowing thought or thinking of human or life and you react differently when you come to know thought or thinking of human or life bad on your god or on yourself and you start taking revenge. It means if you become stable and natural you will react just like human reacts in genies world and your living and life will be beautiful and you will not take revenge from any humans or life when knowing bad about your god or you on them and your property will not be thefted by any other genie even if anyone thought or think bad on your god or on you. You need to know that thought means imagination where human or life just imagines and he imagines anything by making a story which is lie and when genie hears thought of human or life then genies or gods becomes true and believes thought words to be true and says we are in the same time where we were present in any old time too and thinking means preparing which means planning and if i say by doing thought or thinking name of god then according to me both are lie for me thought and thinking words but genies and gods becomes true by knowing its name and they get property and they come in reality and shows to humans or life they are true but they are forced to change on knowing thought or thinking of human or life like me and they created religious places and force humans or life to believe in them and if humans or life thought or think bad then immediately genies and gods are effected and they force human or life to be punished and force them to hate or dislike something and put them in cases and trouble in genies world and try to run there living and life and they just try to run the humans or life living by knowing thought or thinking of human or life which is lie and fake only and human or life doesnt even decide what he thought or think he will be doing it or not because its just speaking for them from mind.

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