all worlds of god are felt in reality world so if anyone forces in reality to sin who is sinner and why they are not caught as bad in reality ?

i am life and i feel who forces tm me to sin and do mistakes and tries to make me against other gods or anyone so they win from my genies or my gods by fooling them. If anyone tries to fool me and force me do sin from 3rd world or 4th world or any other world i just felt in my body which part of my body moves and tries to control me and i come to know truth that someone is cheating to control me and make me do sins and make me do sins and make me against gods or genies so they win from my genies or gods and i feel this all in reality only but not in different worlds because genies genies doesnt sees souls or dead or any other genies in everything as a genie sense of different worlds so they dont come to know truth and they cannot prove what is truth about anyone like whether they did sins or not or whether they did mistakes or not and why were they controlled and who controlled them and force them do sins. According to knowledge of me from where the understanding of forcing someone to sin or crime or mistake starts is called as sinner and he must be punished and those too who are of there gods and there god too because there god ignores truth that there genie or gods forced someone to sin and if truth is known to everyone in the world of god or on sky in consciousness world then immediately any gods or any genies power is decreased and there health becomes bad. Many gods plays game and they try to play game by keeping mind of life in prison and controlling them and not letting them have consciousness and its only gods who proves to there enemies they are true to win from them but if life gets consciousness in dreaming then they are able to know truth about world of god who is trying to control them and force them do sins and force them do mistakes. Life can be genie too remember and if genie is unable to come in world of god after becoming genie then its because of gods who wants the genie to die and tries to cheat with other gods by hacking genie so if any gods comes to know truth they come to know it from genie who is hacked by gods and they become fooled but if anyone genius or intelligent like me are found in history then also it will be impossible to win for them because they need to be true and if they are martyred they could know truth but genie will not be alive if he is not true and die even if he is original genie or not. If genies have video recordings of anyone who did sins or mistakes from that videos easily any gods who knows what i told here can feel who is trying to control genie to sin or mistake by trying to feel them in parts of there body because any worlds of god genies  of gods will be felt but not seen or heard to genies or to world of god. Remember from where the understanding of sin started he is sinner like let me give you an example i am in genie world and i understood if gods daughters marries me daily 10 times and do sex with me daily 100 times continuously for 10 hours by attaching there body to myself and letting me feel there body then i will understand this and then any of my genies will accept my wish by believing i am god and they are my servant and they can put money or put courts or control me or anyone to force me get what i want. So if any sins or mistakes has been done by anyone then they need to know who was the first one who understood sins must be happened or mistakes by someone must be happened.

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