Are god genies true or lie how can they bring any genies into reality of god and not let god bring his genies into his reality ?

are god genies true or lie how can they bring any genies of god into reality in there country and proof they are true and god is lie. God cannot be lie and if god says something from mind it has to be accepted by god genies so he said to his genies to come in reality by talking to them but they didnt come and someone did sin so his genies doesnt comes in reality ? who can he that ? god is god from his body not god because of genie so if god genies are killing god then what god real servants must do to save there real god ? god genies can force god genies to sin and then give sins on god and nobody takes sins and then they believe god has forced others to sin and there power increases and they hack god and they dont let god says anything from mind so god and his genies comes to know nothing from them and after they hack god they try to control planet and make planet bad and who reacts on talking of truth when there god or holy book name is taken then they get in control of them and take sins of god genies who are cancelled by god and terminated by god. God proves only truth even after hacked if he is hacked he will notify to everyone that he is hacked and he will tell truth to save himself and proof he is true then others who hacked him and blamed him that he did sins. Any god genies can caught god enemies who cheats or maltreats god by just remembering how god enemies did sins or mistake or cheating to win from god and if god genies comes to know meories of god enemies who did cheating to win from god by proving something to god genies in the world or universe then god genies will not leave god enemies and if any genies comes to know truth that there god did cheating to win or cheating to proof that he is first god or real god then they will leave there god otherwise blame and shame will come on them and everybody will keep remembering them that there god is not real god and first god and why there god was telling he is first god or real god by doing what cheating and hiding truth from others. It means at any time in any year if truth of cheating and giving sin is caught then the god enemy dies in any time and his religion is finished in any time of all times.

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