Believerism Community Of Ahmed

Believersim Community Of Ahmed : In the community we love original god of universe truly and we believe in original god of universe sometimes but not all times and whomever we fall in love with anyone we love them truly. We dont go back to become against even original god of universe to win for our true love if he becomes against our true love and we know original god of universe lives of everyone understanding and thinking and he can be in control of any understanding or thinking of anyone because any truth gives victory but he is never bad and even if he is control by anyone he made everything automatic from which he never becomes wrong and his mistakes are automatically corrected and fixed. Original god never do sins and sins are not sins for him even if he says he sinned then its not sin for him. We dont fear from anyone but we fear sometimes because of our mind concentration in nature of humans in humans reality and if we are in humans reality then genies can control us and they might fear from other genies from others body or from others and we believe that everything happens by genies inside anyone but what is in reality is genie itself and unseen is not a genie but it can be a genie. We never become bad and bad is not bad for us inside dream of universe because we believe everything is believe of original god of universe and everyone inside dream of universe gets believe by believing in purity and purity is in truth. We know how to kill dream inside dream of universe and bring back dream again because dream doesnt dies and we are too dreams in reality of fake dream which is universe in reality of humans. In our community we believe in truth which never becomes lie and truth told to us by original god and tells us to believe in truth but dont believe in him forcefully and original god tells us to love someone truly from heart and mind. Original god told us to believe in truth which is beautiful like him in the world of god of genies by believing “we are in dream inside universe and if it is true then anything from reality of humans can come from any genies or even from unseen and if it is true then it will not be changed and if anyone tries to change it then they will be forced to bring what they dont want us to bring” and it is the proof that we are true and our original god is true we love original god of universe truly and our true love truly. Because by just believing in truth which original god of universe told us and we know we can get anything at any time even in reality of universe by believing in original god of universe truth. Some believes original god of universe is ahmed only which is true for some genies in the world of god of genies. JOIN OUR COMMUNITY BY REPLYING.

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