Believers Update Personal Information On Living A Beautiful Believing Natural Life

Important Note : This is my experience and i am very happy to tell you what is my experience in feeling good in all the times in good times and bad times. Family is the only one who helps in good times and bad times in any situation and in any circumstances in living because we know god exist but we are together and we are together until we live and alive and we are forced to help each other in our good times and our bad times and if we are not able to help each other then we must ask god for help and when we believe in this believe we get feeling of happiness and love and emotions to know we have someone who will help us in our good times and in our bad times and in our living and we get confortness and know we will never be in trouble because even in any circumstances if we get in trouble our family will save us. Because even if family member comes to know a member of his family is original god forever then other family members must believe in original god forever as family member first because it will give all family members feeling that they will help each other and they are together and it is definitely means that if your family member is original god forever then he keeps you forever with you and love you and you will live always happy. Before marrying your partner you must ask your friend or partner to not believe in god for few minutes or few hours and tell him to rest by not believing in god for few minutes or few hours and tell him to look at you and ask him how you look like and he or she will tell you how you look like to him or her and if you both love each other by looking at each other then you must get married otherwise its not true love and not safe relationship because you love each other because of god only and for god you can leave each other so please remember this and believe in good family relationship and beautiful relationship where you take rest and know what you are choosing is best for you and your mind will be full of peace with your family.

ahmed religion is believerism religion

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