Bobbin From Talking And Fooling To Win From Genies Of God Who Changes On Talking Of Truth Without Having Consciousness And Wisdom

how genies will try to win from other genies they will simply force other genies to bobbin from talking like changing talking where they keep changing the sentence of words they do with genies and they fool genies to win from them like you know ahmed loves god and if genies believes ahmed loves god then genies says ahmed hates god then if genies believes it to be true then those who genies who lost from talking of truth who doesnt have consciousness and wisdom are forced to change and become fool because they cannot enquire and they dont know what is truth they just believe in truth which they come to know as truth with proof from genie. I can just talk and say i love god and its proof for genie to proof to genie who doesnt have consciousness and wisdom to believe it as true and they dont investigate truth and if i say i hate god then genie who proof to genie who doesnt have consciousness and wisdom will believe it as true because they come to know what i say from mind where i can simply do real acting and if i love god then i love god from my heart which is true love. So genies and gods who doesnt have consciousness and wisdom looses from bobbin just from change of talking which is said from mind voice of life.

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