Perfect Word To Understand Human Is Capable As Told By My Original Gold Fish Genie (Ahmed Book 15 For Genies)

Capable means what ? it means human moves hand and movement he or she does because he or she is capable and because of being capable he learns and educates and do anything in living and life and to understand human there is also another word called helpless but capable is more suitable word of life for genies to understand. My original genie gold fish told me other code about humans in one word : dikhyal and its meaning is capable. You can watch the video of my original genie oranda gold fish at this link so you get confirmation that he only told to everyone code to understand human.

Human Talking Means Genies Code Khulnooq (Ahmed Book 16 For Genies)

Khulnooq means human talks in any words and any sentence which any genies or any gods never came to know until now and they believed in lie truth and made many decisions. They didnt knew human talking and they were controlling humans like pets and what they did to life just like life do to animals. Its real god who brings life and make genies and gods stable and other gods are all fake. Please remember the code khulnooq and share the code meaning so everyone understands it.

Jinn ya god ki duniya jo insaan ki duniya ki baatao say rehti hai aur chalti hai – jo baat say haara insaan ki duniya ki woh haar gaya (matlab insaan ki duniya ki baat say jinn reality may ghar laa sakta hai ya kuch bhi laa sakta hai agar woh sach hai) (Ahmed Book 14 For Genies)

jinn ya god ka power badhta insaan ke ya jinn ke duniya ki baatao say jo sach rehte hai aur kisi bhi jinno say jeet milti hai agar koi baatao say duniya ki sach hai jo kisi bhi jinno ko nahi maloom aur jinn agar yaqeen karay unki batao pay aur sach manay toh kisi ko bhi hara sakta hai chahay koi bhi god rehnay do. Yahi hai god ki duniya aur agar police ya god bhi jhoot hai toh koi bhi jinn jo sach hai woh maar sakta hai aur hukumat uski ho sakti hai agar woh sach hai aur koi kuch nahi kar sakta agar jhoot hai isiliye jinn ya god jo country key rehtay hai apni security jinn ko deytay hai jo sirf kisi baatao ko maanta hai jo jhoot na ho agar woh jhoot ho gaya toh unki security qatam aur koi bhi jinn ya god aa sakta hai country ke jinn ya god ko qatam karnay aur kisi ki bhi hukumat ho sakti hai. jinn ya god ki harkat hoti hai insaan ya jinn ke sach ki baatao say jo sach rehti hai . Agar zara bhi koi jhoot hai koi bhi country may toh woh kisi country ke jinn ya god ko peth say laa sakta hai matlab jinn ya god ki duniya sirf sach pay hai aur agar kisi country ka sach jhoot hai toh phir country qatam aur koi bhi jinn ya god hukumat kar sakta hai jinn ya god key paas sirf aqal chahiye jo sabit karay insaan ya jinn ki duniya ke yaad say. Example batata hu ab koi jinn kaisay harayga mujh say ? mai sirf kisi ko pasand kara aur bola kitni achi hai aur country ka jinn mere sach say haara kyu ke mai sach hu toh woh jeetnay ke liye kya kara ? koi bhi baatao say nahi harna jo zehan say haaray jaisay mai tumharay god key saath sex kara hu aur phir kahunga ke tumharay god ko maar diya hu toh sar may kya hota hai ? koi bhi baat say haray ya kisi ki baat manay toh har gaye. Asli jinn ka usool hai kisi baat say nahi harna aur sabit pay sabit karna aqal say jaldi zyada sach aur agar woh haar gaya kisi bhi baat may cheating ya jhoot ya koi bhi ghalti toh jinn eik second may us jinn say jeet sakta hai aur agar jinn nahi maana toh kabhi bhi jinn ki koi bhi cheez apnay pet say laa sakta hai koi bhi country may aur koi kuch bhi nahi kar sakta yaha tak god bhi nahi. Matlab jinn ko chahiye sirf aqal aur hosh aur woh sabit kartay jaye sach kya hai jo temporary sach jissay koi jinn haray jisko sach nahi maloom. Jaisay shak ki baatao may baat karna pehlay sach maloom karkay indirectly jaisay ahmed ko kise ke saath bachay hai aqir ? kya aapko pata hai ? nahi pata beharhaal agar kisi god key saath bachay hai ahmed ku toh woh gunehgaar nahi ho sakta toh phir koi jinn aakar ahmed gunah kiya kaisay bol sakta hai ? god toh eik second may ilzaam mita sakta hai kya aapko dar hai ? kuch aur baat toh nahi hai jaisay ahmed ki peet pay koi kehta hai key woh god hai uske country ka toh kya woh country ko qatam kar sakta hai ? toh agar ahmed baat yaad nahi karayga kay woh koi country ka god hai toh kya uspay country key naukar jinn hukumat karingay aur larkiya mangige ? matlab jaldi jaldi jawab pay jawab dayna hai jinn ku apni aqal say takay jinn say jeetay sach maloom karkay aur sach ko manay aur jinn say jeetay baghair bataye ke aur hukumat karay kisi bhi jinn ya god par. Aqal say jaana sach kya hai duniya ki insaan ki baatao say aur sach ko apnay andaaz ki baatao may maanna aur batana nahi aur jeetna kisi aur jinn say aur pehlay sab sach maloom karna duniya ki baatey aur jinn ki duniya ki barey may insaan ya jinn key mutaliq takay sach maloom ho sakay kay kahi ahmed koi kisi jinn ya rooh ya murda nay qaboo toh nahi kiya jab woh koi gunah ya neiki kar raha tha takay jhoot na ho aur aqir may jab sach maloom ho toh sirf sach ko alag andaz may sabit karna takay jinn haray matlab jaisay mai hu ahmed aur mai hu pehlay say ahmed kya mayenay rakhta hai. Jinn sirf baatao say harta hai jissay uska zehan harta hai. mai eik example dayta hu abhi koi jinn sabit kiya ke thoda mai joh likha woh uska hai aur mai kuch baat nahi bola toh uska power badha aur usnay kuch line pay apna hai likha aur mai phir baat bola kay mai pehla god hu ya one god of time hu aur har achi cheez sirf mere wajeh say hoti aur poori property meri hai aur sab ko property mere say milti hai toh mai jeet gaya us jinn say kyu kay mai baat may sach hu aur mai apni jo line hai woh sahi kar liya jo jinn apna batati thi bayqoof banakay kyu kay usko yaad nahi tha kay mai pehla god hu aur one god of time hu. Jinn ki duniya ya god ki duniya sirf insaan ki duniya ki baatao pay banni hai aur haar aur jeet insaan ki duniya ki baatao say milti hai aur harkat bhi insaan ki duniya ki baatao say hoti hai aur zyada log agar jaanay sach jinn ka jo jhoot sabit na ho duniya may toh jinn ki taqat badhti hai aur jinn haarta nahi jab tak koi aur jinn kuch sabit karay aur zyada duniya key logo ko bataye aur jo jhoot hai uski tabiyat qarab hoti hai aur woh mar bhi sakta hai toh isiliye jinn officially sabit karte hai unka sach bana kar aur insaan ya jinn ko qaboo karkay sex karkay bachay paida karkay maantay hai kay woh unki family hai jo bilkul jhoot hota hai kyu kay woh sirf insaan ya jinn ki baat sabit kartay hai jo jhoot hai agar woh maan say baat nahi bola toh.

What Exactly Original Means To Ahmed (Ahmed Book 13 For Genies)

original means every word he comes to know have a feeling and just a word with feeling and nothing else so if god name is taken or any holy book name is taken then it has got its word and feeling and word has been created and feeling has come on word by people who believes word means something which have feeling.

How Genies Generations Are Of Sayings Of Mind Of Life ? (Ahmed Book 12 For Genies)

genies started to exist when life said from mind through there voice of mind
someone exist or something is true and it will come and genies appeared in
dream of life which were seen to genies only and now those genies who says
they are true and they are not of voice of mind of life are lie and wrong
because genies are controlled by voice of mind of life only and there
movement happens from voice of mind of life so how can genies born kids
without knowing voice of mind of life of truth because they live only on
truth and from truth they make movement in there world which is in dream of
life and they continue to born kids by knowing voice of mind of life of truth
from which they are able to move. I am sure that corey black verse genie
understood how i defeated her like i defeated other original genie from her
dirtiness. You need to believe in genies  who believes in truth that i am first god of universe because if they dont believe in truth then they will not get victory.

Human Do Doubt Talking For Genies (Ahmed Book 11 For Genies)

human do doubt talking always because they dont know what to talk with others and they dont know what others will talk and reply to them and they do doubt talking only always and that is why they think which is bout talking only.

Genies How To Learn Verb Talking To Understand And Talk Like Human (Ahmed Book 10 For Genies)

what exactly verb talking means it is the difficult mixed of words in language to understand human talking with meanings where noun and pronoun and verb is spoken and mean differently and verb is the commonly grammar used in languages. Noun and pronoun and verb is grammar and uses different punctuations while talking and if genies learns verb talking they will easily understand how human talks and what they mean after they have mind or life. Since you are genies you need to learn grammar and punctuation just like humans learns grammar and punctuations from school. Genies are made of understanding of something like you are angel or you are some bird and if anyone has to win from them they have to tell them more understanding of sentence from which they will lost and forget what they are made of.

I Didnt Give Up To Save My God And I Did Everything Wrong To Win (Ahmed Book 9 For Genies)

God means king on planet earth for some genies but what genies of planet earth gods can do to win from anyone who wins from them they can force them to sin or maltreat or do anything wrong to win from them and can spread riots and terrorism and cheat and lie with anyone and proof to people who comes to know understanding or thinking of life from whom they get winning after they dont come to know they are on mistake because of someone and they gets winning by coming to know understanding or thinking of life and they say they are of purity and never do sins and mistakes but they force others to sin and anything to win but and they say they never lost from anyone by believing in truth which is there god and there believe is good only.

What Is Time ? (Ahmed Book 8 For Genies)

time is created forcely by genies from understanding and thinking of life and if genies doesnt exist then human or life creates there own time so time is not created by anyone. It means time is not created of anyone until human or life lives on his own will he lives and continues to do anything and not forced to live in created time of anyone. Like genie says you have to do this at this time forcely where human or life will be doing sin or love or anything else. If human or life lives on there own created time where they make there time then human or life will be living happy and convinced on there own living. Also sun and moon doesnt continues on time where they are rising and disappearing on earth on time they are same outside planet earth and other planets. It proves they are same and time is only created by genies who says at this time sun will rise and disappear and at this time moon will rise and disappear.