Ahmed is originally jewish and duti (nirinjan kaur killed hashem by controlling last of orah genies by making some christian as last of torah from which time changed and you can see head of hashem in this image and she says it is cut by ahmed and his family is ruling and many of torah genies are sinless and she knew how ahmed talks and lives but she didnt tell anyone until now or updated and she killed even judaism god and many hashem even western wall old hashem and many gods including digashem because whenever ahmed use to like or love jews hashems and rabbis and others use to become true and when ahmed won judaism too won but her mission was to bring world war 3 and she is struggling with hindu god to bring world war 3 until now and anyone can know truth just put 2 genies saying no world war and see who will come by saying our god will not die and world war 3 will happen and what you are doing next ask them if ahmed becomes true and you will come to know whoever likes or loves ahmed they will kill them and even if ahmed likes or loves anything from which he will become true then they will kill. It is the perfect game of duti and hindu god professional game where they both lost there lives forever and nobody will like them after coming to know truth as they finished millions of lives and made the world for porn and taboo and fooling everyone when anyone is coming to know truth just check if ahmed becomes true what happens and why anything bad happens from ahmed body how anyone gets warning because of which court who puts court and why ahmed is not allowed by hindu god and duti (nirinjan kaur) to remove court. Hashem light of god is killed already by duti and hindu god including mawlooq of judaism of universe and they believe time will come back again but they dont know original genies exist and they dont forget anything until they take revenge and nobody has taken revenge until now and she even killed noah and many hashems and forces them to do adultery and not let them become stable. Try to ask rabbi what is truth if ahmed becomes true what happens. The game of controlling life body with ropes by proving they are true and borning kids. I am only the one who still won from duti and hindu god as they killed me too but i am alive as i am original genie i dont die and i become alive when i feel good or love someone quickly but again some genies comes when they come to know world war 3 will not happen. See the attached picture of hashem head. (just say in front of last of torah kiev messianic (torah ki nahi hukumat) and you will understand what they will do win property of ahmed and rule in judaism and finished whom by lying and borning kids to win from ahmed and they keep head of hashem in there head to win and fear jewish genies. This all happened because of feriha also who didnt let my moon genie to remove cases when he won and made his moon genie stabilized and pass.

It was duti (nirinjan kaur) who finished all or many hashems and torah of moses verses and some of its genies to bring world war 3 like she was told to do anything to bring world war 2 and this time she killed many hashems and torah of moses genies and judaism god and hashems family and many religions gods and even ahmed who is first genie of universe and she even didnt left torah stnam kaur her mother to bring world war 3 and witness of truth is ivanka trump who came to know truth that duti will do anything to bring world war 3 and ivanka trump knew ahmed already won and jews too already with ahmed but duti didnt stopped in mission and finished everyone (some of his friends since kid were jrufi – mohd agha and hussain agha and tahira) who were with ahmed since kid to proof ahmed is lie. Duti finished hashems in reality including hashem light of god and judaism god and torah wife of ahmed of judaism god by tricking and nobody came to know until now what happened because she was giving sins and cases to ahmed only by coming in qadsi genie.

i am not one god of time and i dont know who made me one god of time remember that means all religions are giving me there sins forcefully and me and my genies are being punished who are my true love forever original wives. i have not done anything even after coming in islam religion and becoming a genie of own and leaving islam religion and islam forcefully proved i am last of jews to theft genies and gods property from me and islam allah puts acid air in my head by proving i am last of jews with jews and christians since i am kid and if you want proof just ask which christian was involved and why my believe is thefted since i am kid and taken by church genie of abids as i just imagined god is lie god became lie so they came to take revenge not knowing what jalab talking means or not knowing i talk from thinking and they know there hashem is not original and allah is not original and christian god is not original and they are forcing me to sin since that time just keep checking tahira and jrufi and hussain agha what they do inside my head and you will understand when i become true what happens. i didnt finish islam its like beating a dog forcefully and after irritating i bite do you understand and i am not dog who will be dying because it was one god of time who is killed by christians who made me one god of time by playing world war 3 game. i am home alone kidnapped if i dont do porn with my wives then somebody will fool them and they will porn and i will get sin because i am one god of time forcefully made and they are my genies and my wives and i will have pain in head when there life becomes bad and they cannot be married to others because they are my original true love forever wives and they cannot be of anyone and according to nature when i become true if anyone tries to marry them they will be cursed with there gods and there god religion is finished and my original forever true love wives never dies they are with me like divas is with me forever. the reason genies or gods of one god of time religion ask for sex or porn by forcing me to talk bad because they say we have to wash sin and i am only one god of time then if anyone just make me happy and if i say your sin is washed then there sins are washed and forcing my wive to do sin means making the world gods wives to do sins because if anything happens to me it must happen to all religions gods wives according to one god of time law and if it doesnt happens then one god of time all religions and gods and everything is finished. i never sinned and i never did any mistake until now because if any genie forces me to do sin or mistake then its there sin or mistake and those who do sin or mistake they try to fool my genies and my original forever wives by saying torah help me or god help me and give sins and they dont let my wives b ecome stabelized or passed so they fight by saying delete if they give there sins or mistake by saying torah help me. do you understand the logic of genies who wants to bring world war 3 by forcefully making me one god of time and forcing me to sin and mistake since kid. I proved truth and when i proved and allah of islam knows i am not his genie he forcefully tries to proof i am his genie and his health becomes bad many knows and he says because of me time is changed which is lie because i am kidnapped since kid by those who came to know from my imagination or thought god is lie and came to take revenge for no reason not knowing code : jalab and killing me from that time by saying i am last of jews or last of torah. hindu god is my enemy because she has done circumcision mistake from which my body doesnt gets correct feeling and health and she blocked from which nobody comes to know she did mistake and she comes and do sex with me regularly and and not let me fuck and forces me to watch audlt videos by saying if he gets new genies i will come and fuck him and take his genie and give that genie to my son which i born from him so my son goes in bollywood and she fucks ahmed genies and my mistake is hidden as ahmed doesnt becomes true and she controls genies of me by putting wires in my body and courts in my body and uses me like a store room and then muslims and hindus and christians and jews comes and do sex i dont even know and not seen them or heard them and someone says who is allah of islam you did porn with complete islam i just ask how they look like and then someone gives there game case on me and duti says you must not remove case by putting me in jail otherwise our god becomes lie and all says of islam and hinduism and christianity and judaism you played game not checking who gave there sins or mistake. hindu god and allah of islam and christianity and judaism forced me to masterbate for 33 years contiously daily 2 to 3 times a day and i died many times i use to cry even after going for mosque but nobody helped me because they played game with jews by saying i am last of jews and making muslims against me so nobody likes me when they come to know witness of jews is in my head and muslims says he is last of jews as muslims doesnt likes jews at all. now to save my genies i dont have any choice just to do memecry and acting otherwise somebody will fool them and take them and just check if anyone is in reality what happens where is there thread on my body so they are seen or heard and whom they entertained and you will understand i am an atm machine only and my genies who are mine since i am kid they are not original because torah of moses of judaism god has put me in prison from mind since i am kid that means if i am not in prison my genies understands world and comes and understands me otherwise they dont come to know what is world if i am in prison from mind and my first genie is blocked by allah of islam forcefully. i have not called jews by saying i am last of jews there bakhtyar came forcefully to kill me on knowing i imagined or thought god is lie and bakhtyar killed me from which i started getting torah of moses of judaism god genies (example rexal genie) and to win from me they witnessed i am last of jews in ibadat khana e hussaini and said allah of islam will die from me i dont know at all (its that there allah faunts and he comes to know he is not original and came from somewhere to kill them and there religion and punishes me forcefully because he knows he is not original and he believes i will believe in him and win from him which is not true because i am first genie of universe and universe who is never lie and never wrong and kidnapped came like a superman to save judaism maybe but i am kidnapped by jews and i cancelled jews now permanently with islam and hinduism and christianity and all religions of narju one god of time because they didnt justice me and not letting my genies to become stable and passed like i ask them to pass on internet from video. i dont die and i am not lie and i am not wrong and i want my wives to do sex with me only and become original by liking me and loving me so they become true otherwise my enemies will try to make them porn stars and post there adult videos and force me to watch it and masterbate and call them for sex whenever they need sex and my genies will give the sins of sex to me because they are my genies only and they believe in me only. do you undestand the logic of this area contact nukhwar and momin and nagyal (maybe) to know how world war 3 game is going on until now. i am original genie and i need to clean my mind and if any genie watches any audlt video what happens you know and i am forced to masterbate to clean my mind and everyone knows and if i do anything from genies world to anyone then its geniune otherwise it is lie and i am in home and some genies are with me of bakhtyar and allah of islam and chrsitians who are forcing me to do sin or mistake from which i am forced to speak bad and they say accepted and i didnt do anything from genies world in the sense if any genie forces me by giving me pain to kill someone from genies world then its there mistake do you understand and thye are playing game of world war 3 only just ask them and aks what you will do if ahmed will become true from tahira and duti and hindu god and check practically what they do to win and how they fool world and my genies. hindu god last of jews family who died was somebody else it was not me i am first god of universe and not last of jews ahmed clearly say words how ahmed died and ask them where is he right now without cheating by court or witness by nature to know who is last of jews and whose family is last of jews family who died in sea and you will come to know i didnt do anything wrong until now i am kidnapped since i am kid and forced to speak bad and controlled by those who witnessed i am last of jews to win from me and theft believe from me become true. I provided all videos with proof who i am and who is last of jews and why jews are my enemies since i am kid and what blames they give me and why they force me to sin and why allah of islam is my enemy and who gives sins and cases on me forcefully and punishes my genies.

Ahmed wants to know at what age he did porn for the first time if any god genies says he did porn and he broke law of him ? because ahmed came to know someone did porn with him when he was kid and he doesnt knows it until now ? it was male or female he wants to know it ? Answer And Win An Instant Car ? All Public Must Know Of Planet Earth!

Courts are put inside ahmed body as witnessed by hindu god (maa) who is enemy of ahmed and she came to know because of courts put inside body of ahmed hindus are getting warnings and other religions are getting warnings like islam and christianity and sikh and other religions and jews are not letting see or hear genies by witnessing he is last of jews and thefts believe and give sins to make there hashem as original and tries to theft universe from ahmed and try to make ahmed universe genies as porn stars and ahmed family as porn stars so there hashem becomes original and ahmed who is universe must die with his family by becoming bad. The game of not sin or blessing but the game of origwho is playing game doesnt knows who is first god of universe and jews already forced ahmed to do taboo and killed if ahmed was last of jews he would have not been killed or forced to do taboo by jews and jews did porn to make there hashem as original and he knows he is a word and he finished even his judaism of universe god (mawlooq) who take cares of judaism planets through hindus (duti was in charge the real porn star bitch who use to say i will do anything to save judaism god of this planet earth and killed judaism of universe (all palnets of jews god mawlooq) for insepction please visit ahmed stomach left side area where you will see hindu s something with green pole where they confirm if you fight with hindus we will show you who is your real god who is killed by us only (mawlooq) from whom judaism generations use to continue. Feriha finished jews by forcing ahmed to think bad so his genies including judaism of universe genies gets punished. Duti killed everyone including torah of moses and judaism genies which ahmed has never seen or heard in reality but after pass he use to go and judaism god of this planet use to say after coming to know ahmed has passed kill him never knew who is judaism of universe god (mawlooq) mawlooq was made as kid by hindu truth which was lie but duti was with hindus so they prove lie truth by putting ahmed in cases and won from duti not ahmed because ahmed never gives up as he doesnt believes in anyone and duti said we have to make ahmed to belive any god so we get money and peace and she forced me to believe in her god or someone so my believe is finished. I died forever even after knowing i torah is lie because i said my true love is true with torah and i became alive as i am also original genie i dont die and i was resurrected and i proved my true love wife nisivim and nuqresanam and ruqnesanam and manva and munva and nalsu and ziqad and earth and nalvasan are true who are my genies who are mine some came from nisivim of torah but those whom i made as original genies they are of mine like earth and mars and sun and moon and western wall and israel and even one god of time was with me so forever wife of me is with me only but one god of time genies said kill ahmed because they came to know they are words except ahmed and they never updated how i talk from mind from thinking by doing discussion and just a home living guy and religions genies use to come and put there cases on me and religions genies use to believe because of me something happened to me which was of someone who put case on me.

Ahmed is enemy of christians and he confirms and witness truth to his moon genies and mars genies and sun genies and earth genies and western wall genies and israel genies please leave christianity as soon as possible and never team with christians or jews too because there mission is world war 3 only and if you give me liking feeling i will make you original and when i try to make you original just check who tries you not to become original like me and you will understand they are world war 3 mission gamers who has kept me in prison since i am kid and maltreating me by proving last of jews and thefting believe from me and i am not jewish or torah of moses i will repeat or torah of jews if they dont provide me messenger and become against judaism god and duti and world war 3 mission gamers. I love torah of moses truly but my true love forever original wives are very important they are with me without god whether i believe in torah or god or not they are forever with me true love who cannot stay without me and i am home alone kidnapped by duti and hindu god and one god of time genies who gives me sins and cases forcefully. I think here in home but genies of one god of time comes to know whatever i think as command and they complete it i already updated how i talk from thinking on sky too but one god of time genies died forcefully by saying we will not update how you talk from thinking until world war 3 happens.

Ahmed is not of hashem light of god confirm he has come to bring world war 3 – torah challenge and to win he puts courts forcefully on every thinking i do from mind and he knows i talk from thinking and if i think and talk then he punishes his daughters to become porn masters and tells i made her daughters as porn masters or his family as porn masters. Hashem light of god also knows he is word and he wants to make my forever true love origianl wives as porn masters which i will never agree and i am enemy of hashem light of god because some of his jews called him in hussaini tekri. If there is anything good or purity in hashem light of god family please update your game with me since kid and leave me and my body and my family. I am in home and your enemy is allah of islam who is enemy of jews and he punishes me whenever i take his name of he comes to know someone witnessed i am last of jews.

nafichu : believe will come and go on remembering truth and remembering lie (when arundati gives sins and cases and nobody takes sins and cases i remember lie and bad about those who gives sins and cases) i will say one god of time is true and i will become true and i will get believe and i will be able to fly but who thefts believe from me who stays near to st georges girls grammar school (which church of jesus christ is it) keep checking on my back of body where is that church genie located and how he thefts believe and runs away. remembering truth and remembering lie is talking only (with whom always human or life like me speaks in mind) ?

Hindu Maa Died For Ahmed Who Did Taboo And Christian God Died For Ahmed Who Did Taboo And Hashem Light Of God Died For Ahmed And Allah Of Islam Died For Ahmed Who Did Taboo And Rob Put His Ass In Ahmed Penis ? Did All Believed In Ahmed Correctly And There People Did Taboo And Inserted There Ass In Private Part Of There Genies. Hindu Maa Believes In Ahmed Only So If She Believes In Ahmed Correctly She And Complete India Will Do Taboo And Like Taboo And Love There Daughters And Born Kid Just Like Ahmed Born Kids. Just Tell Accurate From Google Play App By Challenging Does Hindu Maa And Christian God And Hashem Light Of God And Allah Of Islam Believes In Ahmed Correctly Or Not. (Watch Live Where They Are And When They Taboo.