Why jrufi and tahira came from past time and why jrufi made last of jews video in aijazmanzil in ahmed room and why they use proof ahmed as lie by becoming ahmed family and coming as ahmed family and believing in truth that ahmed has come somewhere from universe ? and they born kid hussain agha to put abnormal genies of bakhtyar torah in ahmed body and theft ahmed black first god of universe genies in ahmed body and takes them into israel and ask them to suck penis and whenever ahmed became true they use to prove ahmed as lie (on back of head of ahmed proof which you can see how jrufi and tahira (farva) came from karkhana of chatta bazar and why they become against ahmed and they dont let ahmed become true and forces him to become lie and smuggles genies and ask ahmed to masterbate and tells agha hussain and jrufi to rape ahmed genies so hashem doesnt becomes lie ? can any genius torah genies of moses tell me truth to proof torah is true ?

Ahmed wants to know at what age he did porn for the first time if any god genies says he did porn and he broke law of him ? because ahmed came to know someone did porn with him when he was kid and he doesnt knows it until now ? it was male or female he wants to know it ? Answer And Win An Instant Car ? All Public Must Know Of Planet Earth!

nafichu : believe will come and go on remembering truth and remembering lie (when arundati gives sins and cases and nobody takes sins and cases i remember lie and bad about those who gives sins and cases) i will say one god of time is true and i will become true and i will get believe and i will be able to fly but who thefts believe from me who stays near to st georges girls grammar school (which church of jesus christ is it) keep checking on my back of body where is that church genie located and how he thefts believe and runs away. remembering truth and remembering lie is talking only (with whom always human or life like me speaks in mind) ?

Ahmed Tells He Is Universe And In Everything As A Genie Sense Everything Happens By Him By A Genie And You Know Universe Looks Quiet And Ahmed Is Quiet And If Any genie Is Seen Or Heard In Universe Then Universe Is Able To Speak And Ahmed Thinks And Genie Comes In Universe And Life Continues And Planets Are Builded Automatically When Ahmed Becomes True By Liking Or Loving Anyone.

Ahmed has not eaten food for 33 years and not had sex for 33 years and forced to masterbate because of torah of moses and last of jews and jesus christ and allah of islam but why ? and they use to call his girl genies for sex and sex and force ahmed to masterbate and when ahmed tried to fuck his genies they use to say dont otherwise our family will be finished and they use to give there sins after doing sex to ahmed ? torah is lie 100% challenge and god is lie 100% challenge