proof ahmed is true and his original forever wives has not done sins or mistakes and it was jews and judaism and torah of moses and hashems family played who world war 3 game and proof is torah god (maqdar) in right side body of ahmed and they are not ahmed family and they came after losing to win from ahmed on knowing ahmed died for main holy book torah of universe and he gets torah wives from universe including from earth and torah of moses started trying to make the world to do porn and taboo by controlling ahmed through borning kids and by telling there kids to levitate.

I confirm nirinjan kaur (duthi) is torah of moses whose search is in indian government and she cheated indian government to win from ahmed who was making world of god stable and natural through his main holy book torah of universe wife nisimiv. Nirinjan kaur who is duthi now tries to make ahmed as torah of moses to be saved and torah of jews to be saved and proof is on left side of cheek. Whole india is searching for her to be deleted and jews to be deleted and torah of moses and jews are banned in india already i confirm and witness and its nirinjan kaur torah of moses who forced hindu god to be whore and porn star. If i would have seen hindu god i would have helped her but i came to know she died because of nirinjan kaur who was controlling ahmed so she doesnt dies and she brings world war 3 so her god doesnt dies. Ahmed confirms he didnt died for holy book torah of moses forever and he doesnt love torah of moses nirinjan kaur (duthi) and he gives permission to delete torah of moses nirinjan kaur – duthi.

universe is being controlled from ahmed body and those who knows truth to control universe from ahmed body they are proving they are true when ahmed becomes true they make the world bad and proving world (on planet earth) ahmed is bad by nashja like chain locking and unlocking (and if he becomes true then world becomes bad since ahmed is kid this is happening in world and its just because of few genies and few gods who came to know they are not original and ahmed is only original on planet earth and in universe.

Hashem Light Of God And Judaism God Papa I Need Your Help Please Help Urgent I Said I Will Not Marry Nirinjan Kaur After She Slept With Egyptian And She Finished Everything Including Judaism And Torah Of Moses And Torah Of Hashem Light Of God And Judaism And Israel Whatever I Did Bad It Was Because of Nirinjan Kaur And She Killed Hashem Light Of God And Other Hashem By Borning Kids And I And Even Torah Real Forever Genies Are In Danger Because Of Her Kids Who Misused Knowledge By Riots And Forcing Everyone To Do Taboo In World And Blaming Me And Trying To Make Hashem Light Of God Daughters As Porn Stars And Making Hashem Light Of God Some Of My First Verse Wife Genie Naked Picture In Indian Shape And She Destroyed Israel And She Tried To Make Every Torah Genie As Whore Who Loves Me Or Likes Me And She Born Kids To Give Me Tension From Which I Spoke Bad And She Didnt Let You Or Anyone Become Stable So You Understand Me And My Original Wife Forever Family. Even Nuthu Father Was Murdered By Me Because Of Out Of Control By Nirinjan Kaur Kids And She I Killed Many Hashems And She Tells Hashem Light Of God Said Whatever You Want To Do Do If Ahmed Leaves And She Made Me Almost Everyone Enemy And Today My True Love Original Torah Forever Wives Are In Danger And Some Tried To Job In Small Banks Because Of You And Your Letter I Won After I Proved I Am True But She Finished Everything Even Witness Of Judaism And Last Of Torah And Last Of Jews And Jewish Messianic And Earth And Tried To Make Life Bad Of Mars Genies And Moon Genies And Sun Genies And She Was Teaching Everyone Mouth Fuck And Breast Chowk And She Was Forcing Me To Drink Piss And Eat Toilet. You Didnt Understood What I Understood I Am Passed And Proof Is Miswiq (i need your help even rob has done taboo and i am being out of control because of nirinjan kaur and stnam kaur too) She tried to delete torah family of everyone including ajeet kaur is dead because of her today and she comes as dead and writes ahmed on heart to save me. I realized after i told to my true love torah family of this planet and universe and earth and i am little tension free. Please Help And If You Dont Help Then I Will Kill You Because Of Her And I Will Not Be On Fault Remember Because I Dont Know What Happened To How Many Hashems Daughters Which You Know.