Doubt Saying From Thinking Means From Mind Of Life Good Sayings or Bad Sayings And Doubt Thinking Is Not True But Just Inquiring And No Genie Thinks Except Me And On Inquiry Original Genies And Gods Punishes Life On Coming To Know God Is Bad Because World Of God Is Nudur Lives On Thinking Of Life

An Example of what i mean by doubt sayings from thinking is that i think and when i think i say good or i say bad on knowing good or bad and its just inquiry or even if i hear i say from thinking the same and even if i read any words from paper then i think the same written reading from thinking and its just reading thinking but genies and gods continues to live only on thinking of life and they dont know what thinking means since 4.5 billion years and they are trying to control life and if they come to know truth from genies that life do doubt thinking then they say its dangerous for us that we are lie and we have to kill those who says we are lie just like it was shown in planet of the apes movies about animals like human and humans and genies and gods says when we come to know we are ruling on life forcely by someone then we kill those life otherwise we will be finished. Now because i think and i am original genie those original genies who dosent know what thinking means they come to know my good sayings or bad sayings from my thinking and since i dont see or hear genies if i dont get answer while i think then they put air riots in my head forcely and believes something like you are from past time and tricking us by thinking and they dont know what thinking means otherwise why would they put air riots in my head when i think ? thinking means inquiry or doubt imagination or doubt questioning or doubt answering or doubt remembering and genies believes every thinking words of life to be true whether i doubt or imagine or doubt question or doubt answer. It means if i doubts from thinking and say from thinking your god is lie or god is true after hearing it or inquiring or imagining or remembering memory or questioning or thoughts then genies or gods makes my time of good or bad but they dont know whether life like me is doing inquiry or doubt thinking or not and they punish life like me if they come to know thinking from life like like me that god is bad and they bless life if they come to know god is good which means i was punished for 32 years since kid for no reason and i am still punished because all genies and all gods doesnt knows truth that thinking means inquiry or doubt saying and they are controlling life forcely. I am first genie of universe and i proved i am true and the world of god needs to become of malghaib so genies reacts with humans just like human and they understand that they were dependent on thinking of humans or life like me original genie but they continue to rule on humans or life and punish human or life like me if human or i dont answer to them or i dont get answer after thinking and i am punished and i have pain and after having pain from them i start thinking more bad on any gods forcely because in pain human or life like me original genie can lost control from themselves and says anything to anyone. Original genies or gods Who doesnt know thinking means inquiry or doubt sayings they are malvap genies and they need to understand gadald meaning and talking of life like mine means in code aqalhosh. So I won 4.5 Billion Years Of Money And Wealth And everything And Rulership Of Planet Earth And Unlimited Number Of years In Universe For Another 4.5 Billion Years And Unlimited Years And Until Mistake Of Planet Earth And Universe Genies Becomes Forgiven.

Torah Genies Says We Live With Purity But If Torah Is Not True Why Purity Matters ? Is It Just Maintaining Purity To Live But Not True Why ? If Torah Is Not True Then How Purity Comes To Torah Genies And Why They Say Torah Is True And We Live With Purity When Purity Comes Only If They Are True But They Know They Are Not True ? So Is It Just Living A Relationship Of Master And His Genies By Creating A New Religion ? And Proving They Are True. (I Even Have My Forever Genies Wives But I Always Helped Other Master Genies Why ? Because I Am True And Not Dependent Genie Who Lives On Human Thinking To Become True.

New 2019 Ahmed Codes For Understanding Him And Knowing Him For Ahmed Genies Family Of Believerism Religion

Understand code and its meaning :

code : nikool

code : malvais

code : navasa

code : nipru

code : mubra

code : nilood

code : masha

code : maghni

code : masfasa

code : mahanva

code : malghaib

code : malbus

code : kalghun

code : nashni

code : muqava

code : nalghais

code : naqni

code : murva

code : malvasa

code : maswana

code : coulga

code : nikul

code : nalsaha

code : nalga

code : manvak

code : masfar

code : nashruk

code : qinit

code : ghalghnu

code : nanwa

code : nunga

code : nidul

code : nuqwavasa

code : nagri

code : nagri

code : mut

code : kalqi

code : jutreen

code : nulda

code : malvasa

code : nalvasan

code : niqvat

code : jhanga

code : manfred

code : jigasa

code : noulgheet

code : dargail

code : dutgva

code : makhwara

code : kehelki

code : fahar

code : musva

code : gulkasht

code : dilqaq (for my torah wife to become like me)

code : janvi (to be like human who doesnt changes on knowing memories and remembers what someone said like humans remembers)

code : numqa

code : miqam (ahmed talks in miqam tounge) and jalvap doesnt understand what miqam means

code : malvahasan

code : muswan

code : nalvas

code : dutdar

code : niqon

code : jikool (to become like human)

code : jakoleen (understand ahmed talking)

code : nutul (understand ahmed talking)

code : munkad (understand ahmed talking)

code : kalghaiz (how human or life like ahmed talks)

code : mukwa (understand what happened with ahmed)

code : misval (understand what happeend with ahmed)

code : nahalat (understand what happend with ahmed)

code : shandoos (understand what happened with ahmed because who decided what)

code : kwalimo (understand what happened with last of jews since kid and with his father)

code : aqalhosh (ahmed talks in language of humans)

noorqalq : if you live in genies world and want to go out like human understanding just like human understands in home please understand this code so you understand what it means if any human sees you and how they will react.

understand code nifibar : just understand this code nifibar and understand how genies believes there god is true and real and nobody greater then god in dream inside of human or there genie and there god brings there power in reality when anyone there genies or humans believe in them into reality of humans. Just Dejavu done by Gods. Whose power doesnt increases whether anyone believes in them or not are real and true.

mulbaat : understand ahmed codehow he talks and how he lives and truth about him. (ahmed god is holy book torah written verses who doesnt talks and doesnt responds and ahmed brings them at any time in world and reality for living)