Ahmed cannot speak in english since kid because of agha hussain who was born by bakhtyar torah genie from past time who put ahmed in prison from mind even after hashem light of god said he is cancelled as last of torah and because some english speaking genie remember he talks in english. I dont understand how can any genie born kids with anyone when he is not even teenager and the kid doesnt likes him and punishes him by saying he is from past time of us and we control him and his age is almost to live for more 20 years maybe and agha hussain thefted what until now from ahmed i dont know ?

understand this code mouqwalamwo and its meaning to understand ahmed perfectly again like he told his sky genies who doesnt knows how ahmed talks or thought or thinking or imagines or dreams or doubts and they believe ahmed said something which is real.

Why nirinjan kaur sold 82 verses of holy book torah of ahmed (mashnas) to somebody when she is not married to ahmed and when holy book torah of ahmed doesnt belongs to nirinjan kaur and if ahmed takes name of torah for help why she came when ahmed already told to her dont come here because he is also torah and he have many torah wives ? nirinjan kaur is nivanan torah from different planet and who has taken her responsibility ? is it true that someone has come in her sex scandal and agreeing with her is it judaism god or torah god who did sex with her or they got girls from her ? judaism belongs to ahmed only and current judaism god is ahmed only so how can anyone takes her responsibility and is she borning kids with ahmed to win from ahmed and ahmed doesnt knows ? is it rape ? if ahmed do sex with nivanan torah genies or other torah genies will it be rape like nirinjan kaur raped ahmed as ahmed didnt married to nirinjan kaur ?