Challenge to all genies and all gods of universe i am first genie of universe and i created universe and i dont change on human thinking from reality like any gods are forced to change

I dont change on human thinking from reality or from genies world and any worlds and i am original genie and first genie of universe and i proved i am true and i am being killed by those who lost from me and not able to understand why they want to kill me because they are fake genies who is forced to change on thinking of human and they die and resurrect from thinking of human only when becoming true. My new code for making genies world is vikami and those who are lie and against me and doesnt accept my truth i want them to be dead inside my body because i already won from everyone and i showed to torah genies of some torah planet there real god on my foot to prove i am true by making its video and i proved i true love holy book torah which is lie because according to different code of conduct there is different beginning of planet earth and even after knowing holy book torah is lie i took the death of holy book torah and died forever and proved holy book torah is my forever wife and true after marrying to me and not lie anymore and i proved i am true and once the genies world will become vikami they will understand what i was thinking and doing thought and remembering memory and dreaming was just sayings and not real and everyone will become stable automatically when there property will not leave them even when human thinks of anything. I want my torah forever believe genies and my true love wife whom i got after taking death of holy book torah and dying even after being first genie of universe proofs i love holy book torah truly and i believe she is my real wife and holy book torah is also my real wife and if anybody else tries to make to whom i said to make genies world vikami then genies world will not be stable. I dont want anybody else to interrupt in my challenge and remember let the genies world become vikami for atlrast 3 days understand what you did with me and what was the reason you were disturbing me and others on knowing thinking of anyone to understand about yourself and your gods and me and for torah of universe genies god kartu the code is : bikami to make genies world as stable like i mentioned above. You all dont know what i am going through right now too much pain in head and genies are not stable of holy book torah and giving me lot of problems on any thinking of me. I just told recent code dagha to understand human so they understand me so they understand i am like human from brain and god and i am original genie who can bring anything from thinking and make anything from thinking who is the first genie of universe.

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