Course 22 – What Original Genie Means Proof Ahmed Challenge

Original means who doesnt changes on thinking of human or life and who doesnt forces anyone to hate so they win and there power increases and they dont have any short temperament dog breathing and they understand about humans or life like how they talk and communicate and what they mean and they dont believe every words of human or life to be true without knowing dream or imagination or thought or thinking and they dont need to become true from human or life to bring anything in reality and prove they are true and they are never life and they dont fear of death from knowing thinking of human or life. Original means ahmed who is like human and original first genie of universe. original means to ahemd not everything happened by him but he arranges and makes everything controlled if when everyone is stable and natural and not short tempered like animals and example proof that ahmed is true is his natural genie and stable genie. Original means who doesnt lives on thinking of truth or lie of truth like ahmed. Ahmed is current one god of time and first god of universe according to genies world.

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