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How Can You Make World Of God Natural And Stable

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February 2, 2019

Ahmed is first god of universe and after dying forever being first god of universe for holy book torah of moses whom he loves truly he woke up in true love of holy book torah by himself and nobody resurrected him and he came only to live with his wife holy book torah and his genies and other gods wives and genies and universe genies and he told the code : naskas where genies and gods doesnt needs to fear or get hatredness from thinking of human or original genie like me who thinks and who thinks they talk anything using any words but genies are sensitive and they get hatredness and fear from humans or life who thinks and they cannot control themselves because of evil nature or animal nature in themselves like vampires have who cannot control on knowing something and not stable. If planet earth god was true he would have made all genies and all gods stable so they are not effected from any thinking of life and doesnt dies from thinking of human or life and you know if i do acting and tell to some genie in front of me who changes on thinking of me do you know or not who i am who is inside my head and saying to me like i am talking to a human in front of me but the genie is inside me who is saying and he have evil nature or animal nature from which he gets effected and short tempered and he needs to understand code to understand something. Once all genies and all gods understands how human or original genie like me lives and talks from thinking and world of god becomes naskas and genies makes themselves stable to remove fear and hatredness from words of human or original genie like me they can simply not misbehave with human or original genie like me who thinks.



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