How many gods are there in planets ?

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August 9, 2018

there can be any number of gods in single planet because god is thought of life and when anyone just thought about anything of reality as god and if they are true then thought of life exist as god and he tells to everyone that he is god and after he learns how to live he proofs he is true only and he is seen and heard to everyone but he doesn’t proves why he cannot become like human from talking. Because he is just thought of life and thought said from mind that something is god and when life was true from his truth the new god who is thought existed into genies world which genies call it as world of god. If anyone ask how many gods are there in single planet then the answer is everything that life has seen or heard can be god because according to past time some life would have believed what he saw separately in different time as god and thought doesn’t dies when he becomes true from reality he can become alive and what is seen and heard in reality is always true so those gods who died and didn’t resurrected can become alive when life talks from mind and says them by doubt that part of sand was god in some past time and he is true and he is alive and he will become alive if life says it from mind by keeping his mind clean because when life mind is cleaned and life says something its because he is true and thought gods only says we need to know talking from life from mind because they are thought and they need talking of truth from mind of life from reality. Thought is talking of life and thought looses from talking only. Thought is genie and genie looses from talking of life because thought is talking of life. Genies are voice from mind of life and voice looses from voice from reality.

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