human or life thinking means investigation ?

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June 27, 2018

yes when human or life thinks then he investigates in something like what he sees or hears when he sees something he tries to find out whether something is good or bad or want to know about something and when he finds out about something by thinking then he says from mind about something is good but his mind is not completely satisfied by investigating according to me because he doesn’t know everything about something like from where something has come or how something existed and something might have been bad which looks good when he saw and investigated and after investigation he came to know it was earlier bad which he came to know from somebody else. Investigation means trying to find about something that he wants to know whether its good or bad or about anything and he doesn’t knows accurately about something so that is why human or life thinks because they don’t know about something accurately. Remember thinking means investigation only because if god ask human did you eat food today then human will say yes but if god ask him many questions like who made food and was it kept somewhere by someone who didn’t clean food or any other question from which human will be forced to think means investigation only because human or life doesn’t know accurate answer after he investigates while thinking.

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