Why Genies And Gods Are Nilju Genies And Why They Didnt Understood Code : Naqalvat Meaning Knowing What Human Or Life Thinking Means Until Now Since 4.5 Billion Years Or (Naxat Years)

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March 28, 2019

did you understood how human thinks until now ? human thinks in code naqalvat meaning thinking but you believed in lie truth that every words of thinking of human is true because you were nilju genie doesnt know about thought and dream and memory and imagination and inquiry and reading and questioning and talking and just like old gods and genies who didnt knew truth until now they believed every thought words from thinking and dream words from thinking and memory words from thinking and imagination words from thinking and inquiry words from thinking and reading words from thinking and questioning words from thinking to be true and they just come to know those words as command and they dont know what human is thinking about as they dont know until now human thinking means what ? and they came in reality and tried to help human and rule on humans by forcing them to believe in them to be true otherwise they disturb or force them to hate or dislike if humans dont believe in them to be true who has brought religious places and proved by flying and showing miracles they are true which was just dejavu and i proved something called a genie bypassing from finger who is just air with very less weight and he is able to real thunder in reality with millions of weight comparing to him by just becoming true from thinking of human and not becoming lie and believing that what he came to know from human thinking is true and he is not lie.

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