Distance Between Human Body And Genie Body

So what is the distance in human body and genie body ? human body can be seen to humans and it is not invisible and cannot become invisible but genies are invisible to humans and are not seen to humans because they live in dream of human so genies can be felt when humans believe in them to be true and when humans keeps there mind clean then they can see genies for few seconds until there mind doesn’t becomes bad again. So if genie tries to bite human hand then human will not feel his hand has been bited like human bites another human hand because human feels only feeling but not material of human body because there is distance in human body and invisible genie to human and for genies other genies body are real like felt and even if genie bites another genie hand then his hand will not be felt invisible because genies body are real for each other as they are in dream world. Distance between human body and genie body from reality of dream world or world of god of genies created by genies is invisible and genies world reacts on truth only and truth also means believe.

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