Do You Know About Dixeet Torah Who Came From Mehvoon And His Mission Was To Save Torah And Torah Family

Ahmed is dixeet torah and came by hiding using mehvoon to save holy book torah and all torah and since kid all religions got warning from dixeet torah that world will be ended by him and they kept him in prison from mind and use to put air riots in his head so he dies by anyone and one of his genie was rexal and dixeet torah won from world and torah was not going to be finished because all religions wanted to finish torah by saying if torah is not finished then we all will die by becoming lie and they wanted to bring world war 3 but ahmed torah died forever for holy book torah and stopped world war 3 and proved holy book torah is true and she is his wife and true and he is also first god of universe who has come by becoming dixeet torah and torah genies didnt believed in truth which ahmed said with his knowledge of truth that genie and gods is just word from mind of life and proved that all gods including planet earth god is just word and he is also first god of universe and he was making world of god as stable to prove that he is true and his wife is true but genies and gods including some torah genies said who didnt knew truth that if world war 3 happens then torah will be finished like some hashem genies mohd agha came from past by saying world war 3 must be there otherwise our hashem will die and you have to finish torah and they kept ahmed too in prison from mind and gave him too much pain and trouble since ahmed was kid. All religions wanted to bring world war 3 and ranjum was the code where nirinjan kaur torah genie said what she did with ahmed not knowing truth and what other religions did with ahmed to bring world war 3 game like forcing people to do porn and taboo and forcing ahmed to be killed because they wanted to finish torah and they know something about ahmed that ahmed is someone and he needs to become lie so they win and bring world war 3.

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