For Original Genie There Is No Thing Like Sin Or Blessing Why Because Original Genie Can Do Anything To Win Like Cheating Or Fooling And After Winning Through Cheating Or Forcing Someone To Sin He Becomes Of Purity

what exactly original genies means because original genies can do anything and at any time to win they try to cheat and fool to those from whom they want to win like if someone wins from them by believing in truth and becomes sinless then original genies visits them and if there time is changed then they try to force the sinless to sin by forcing him to sin or do mistake and once the sinless becomes sinner they say and proof to public sinless is sinner and then they dont say they have sinned and if there memory is caught that they forced sinless to sin then they wash there sins by going to religious place and they know how to wash there sins by believing in someone who is forced to take someone sins and he becomes enemy of one god of time and one god of time will not leave him until his sin is forgiven correctly or the sinner is punished because the time doesnt runs correctly if the real sinner is not pu

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