genie is air for life in reality

genie is thought of mind of life and thought is air for life because it is not seen or not heard to life but it can be felt to life when it becomes true but genies says we are true and we will prove you how we are true by coming in reality in front of life but they come in reality after they believe in some truth which comes in there stomach from which they are seen or heard to life and when genies are air they can travel from both sides of body of life but when they come in reality of life they cannot travel from both sides of body of life until they become true by someone and it proves they are just air because when truth is removed from there stomach if they dont believe then they disappear and can travel again from body sides of body of life and can be felt as air to life only but there body is not seen or heard to life because in there world there body are seen and heard to other genies but they are completely controlled and there power works from life mind voice of truth and they are not like life for whom talking is not truth of any world but for them talking of life is truth and real because they are fake.

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