Genies And Gods Didnt Understood Why They Were Loosing From Other Genies And Gods Who Learned Ahmed Knowledge Of Truth

Ahmed was first god of universe and first god of universe only and also one god of time from whom the time continues and someone was there who was making time bad when ahmed was becoming true and ahemd was making time good of planet earth and universe only but whenever he was winning other religions who learned knowledge of truth of ahmed was trying to call some girl genies of ahmed to do porn and forcing them to taboo to finish them by use of body of ahmed to fool them after learning knowledge of truth of ahmed and not letting them learn knowledge of truth of ahmed and not letting them come in consciousness by use of threads in left and right side area of stomach so they become in control of them and maybe they knew complete judaism was controlled from ahmed body only and some judaism gods didnt knew they are in control of other religions genies and gods who are fooling them and finishing judaism and torah b y use of ahemd body and fooling them by believing in ahmed only and not letting believe there god is true then ahmed and believing there god believes in ahmed only and they learn to win from judaism and torah and other original genies of ahmed by use of words known from reality and remembering judaism and torah and other original genies of ahmed to win who didnt had consciousness and wisdom and learned knowledge of truth. Ahmed was hacked by those who learned knowledge of truth and had wisdom and consciousness. Other religions and gods mission was to finish judaism and torah completely and theft property of judaism and torah and sleep with judaims and torah girl genies and keep them as slaves. They were not understanding what was happening because of nirinjan kaur and stnam kaur who were fool genies and alqama and old hashem of israel and many others who got proof by other religions genies and gods that they are true and ahmed is lie and wrong. Ahmed gives permission to judaism and torah and her one of first wife bibi fatima (ahmed has many first wives) to announce what is truth to every jewish and torah and all other torah genies whom she comes to know who are in reality and tells to update to all on planet earth. Ahmed also wants bibi fatima of judaism to announce who killed which hashem and how using what trick and which genie came to trick ahmed and how others were tricked and how ahmed was tricked.

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