genies comes in reality by feeling the likingness which is truth of the country god and how the country god gets feeling of likingness which genies feels and comes in his country in reality from one god of time ?

i am one god of time and everybody gets believe from me only and from my believe all countries gets feeling of good or bad for genies to like or dislike and when genies comes in reality they feel likingness and comes in reality and the likingness in country is country god truth and country god gets feeling in his truth which he tells to others when he believes in one god of time. Can any genies comes in reality by believing in one god of time directly but not from those who gets feeling to make there truth alive who believes in one god of time to continue living and keep there country weather good and let there genies and people stay alive and give food and money and home and believe and everything else by beliving in one god of time only ? if these country gods tries to kill one god of time what does it mean ? do they have wisdom and consciousness and intelligent so they understand that what they are doing is they dont know ? and they come to know after they get wisdom and consciousness and intelligence and even after getting wisdom and consciousness and intelligence they dont tell truth to there genies and other genies to know what is truth and take revenge and abuse and maltreat others so there revenge is completed and evil nature removes from them automatically. Dont they know if they tell to other genies of one god of time that they need wisdom and conciousness and intelligence everybody will help each other and know what is the reason one god of time is angry on them or someone for what reason ? because one god of time knows truth and one god of time cannot be wrong because everything is controlled from him only. If one god of time genies doesnt gets wisdom and conciousness and intelligence what will happen they will destroy world by being abused and trying to take revenge from others and finish world.

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