genies just looses from talking of reality and from talking of reality they are able to move in there world

genies are just talking of life only and proof is that they move in there world from talking of truth of life from reality and they get winning and loosing from talking of truth of reality from life only and to win they talk good and talk bad so they win easily from anyone in there world and try to control them. If life has to win from genies they dont need to use genies they can simply talk of truth from reality and if genies are lie from life truth they automatically lost and life gets winning and again if genies has to win from life then they talk good or talk bad to win from life and if life gets distracted from any talking of truth from genies on them then they lost and genies wins from life. When they come in reality they believe in some truth and seen to life and if they become lie they disappear and even after coming in reality of life they dont understand how life talks to know whether life talking is temporary or true as life changes instantly and there feeling of talking is temporary only.

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