Genies Living Correctly With Humans (Ahmed Book 2 For Genies)

genies are short tempered and like animal for humans because if animal like dog is troubled then he takes revenge and can hurt and if genies are troubled then genies take revenge because of having short temperament on knowing talking of human which is nonsense and just imaginary so genies need to believe in truth that what human says is nonsense only and they will understand human always talk nonsense which is temporary otherwise if genies dont know truth that what human is saying from mind is just his imagination or short story on having good moond or bad moond and if they come to know what they say from mind is true then they will fear and they dont know what they are saying from mind on anything because they dont know genies hear there talking and they say anything. If you want to test what human saying is true or not you can ask him and they will say its never true and they dont remember what they say which is nonsense only on talking on moond. Remember genies are short tempered and they can live only after understanding human how he talks and what exactly he means when talking about something and if human doesnt know genies are with him then they must not stay with human otherwise human life will become bad and if humans knows genies are living with him then they need to quickly teach him how they live and there problems and what they need then human will be able to help them and genies need to proof to human that they are real by letting there voice hear to humans and show themselves to humans and come in reality in front of humans so humans believe is increased and humans takes cares of genies and if human comes to know genies are living with him then human will take care of genies very well after coming to know there power but all humans are not same from socities and some can be bad and if they come to know genies are with them they will misuse them and abuse them and control them for making money or getting anything or force them to work for them. Very few humans are there in the world who are of goodness who will live very good with genies who believes in goodness. Genies need to remember if human tells to genies after marriage he dont want you then its just on moond on knowing something bad about his genie which is not true and if genie likes or love his human then he will change by having good moond. Humans makes themselves by eating food and without food they cannot be alive and genies are those who lives on talking of truth of human by being true so genies need to believe in there god who doesnt eat food or doesnt drink water or doesnt go to toilet and they will not have problems living with human and they will live correctly with humans and genies needs to remember human talks in imaginary short talking with different meanings and can mean anything and its temporary because if they are asked the same question they will reply differently with different meanings. Genies needs to have life and mind and consciousness and wisdom and intelligence otherwise they cannot live with human and they will be only trouble givers for humans because they will not know what human is talking about in sequence talking like in correct sentence talking or non sequence talking. like free speech with using different words and talking in poetries meaningless. If genies dont tell human they are with him he will do anything from which genies will be in trouble because genies are short tempered and they cannot control themselves after coming to know something and they have to keep there understanding clean and they need to become stable which means natural like human from understanding and talking so if genies understands how human understands and how human talks then they can make themselves like them if they are original genies. Genies just understands meaning of voice of mind of humans correctly and if genies hears human understanding then they dont get convinced that what human is saying is true. Remember genies need to also remember other genies can try to fool them by controlling human from different part of body and they can be fooled that human said to them what genies forces human to say so genies goes away from human.

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