genies or gods says if ahmed wins then we will lost and we will not be in time and die ?

i just heard from some genie she said quickly if ahmed wins then we will not be in time and we will die but why ? because she is forced to change on talking of truth from mind of life and at any time and she checked if ahmed wins then she becomes to die and the world is finished according to some god who made time on talking from mind of life on thinking. Ahmed already made world of god some genies natural so they are not effected from any talking from mind of life and even if ahmed wins or looses nothing happens to them until all genies becomes natural in world of god and universe because other genies are forced to change on any talking from mind of life. As an example If genies doesnt dies because of ahmed talking from his mind from reality or anybody talking from there mind from reality then all genies becomes stable and natural and there worst fear of being killed or dying or worst fear of dead of there god is finished because they always says our god will not die because there god doesnt know that he doesnt dies and if there god was original he would have made his genies natural so his genies are not effected on talking from mind of life and even on understanding of life which is talking for some original genies. Are you feared that your god will die ? because of some poor person thinking or because of disabled person thinking who cannot even walk but can just remember truth from his mind ? when any god can be killed because of disabled person who cannot move his hand or leg or talk how can he kill god it proves god is just word of truth of life who is forced to change on talking of truth from mind of life and he keeps becoming true because of truth of mind of life and there power increases and they show there power on life forcely to control life and live according to there got set time who doesnt even knows how human talks because if he would have knew how human talks (from thinking) then he must have knew he is controlling humans who thinks and for them thinking is not real but just talking just like they talk from there mouth which doesnt becomes true and they have to work to get something in reality and there words of mouth doesnt do anything but can be story for others who can listen and enjoy there story.

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