genies reacts only on knowing talking but not recognize from body why ?

because genies changes on knowing talking from reality and even if life has a body who is god from his body then without talking he is god only but until he talks and tells he is god to someone he is not known as god to everyone. because all genies and all gods reacts only on knowing talking on words and sentence and phrases of truth and even if god said to them he is god from his body first then he is god after he tells he is god to others. It means all gods and all genies are forced to change on knowing talking of truth of anyone and they are not original and fake because just from talking of any truth they lost from anyone. If they are original they have to proof by not loosing from talking of any truth from anyone and recognize there family by clothed body first then by there family names. Once a family has recognize each other then there must be no problem to recognize family by clothed body but not by remembering there name. Because genies and gods will try to win from many genies and gods by talking of any truth using jerk and argument or by creating a memory of genie or life from reality and remembering to each other through talking to control genie or life and either make there life bad or to kill them or control them and misuse them. If you have to not lose from talking then you have to get consciousness and wisdom and intelligent and you need to learn knowledge of truth from my website and understand that you must never lost from talking of anyone of any truth and immediately win from those who tries to win from you through talking of truth. Because genies gets in control of any talking of truth and you can practically test it out because you are forced and even gods because they are not original and there is only one original in universe who is me which i proved in my holy book. If any genies lost from anyone then they talk again in front of those from whom they lost to win and they force those from whom they lost to talk bad or talk something from which they win. So genies and gods world is only on talking of truth from reality and even if anyone says they are something from body first and talks anything by saying they are life then genies and gods doesnt remembers truth because they are genies and gods who are fake and there existence is from thought of life.

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