God is just a genie who talks of reality and win from other genies

there are many gods and god is a genie too in everything as a genie sense that is why all genies do what god do and god wins from other genies through talking of reality of life and from visiting it and talk about reality of natural things of truth. So in simple sense genies can win from other genies just from talking of reality and whether its fake genie or original genie it doesnt matter unless genies learns how to win from other genies and there weakness and from what they lost and its very easy for them to win. Genies just lost from talking of truth and if genies learns to debate and disturb in debate to other genie with more truth then genie lost easily by fearing that he or she is lie and genie takes winning. You can practically test any genies lost from truth of reality only and they dont need to touch any genies or harm any genies so there mind is left for something. Just talking of truth of reality (of life or of natural things of truth after genies visiting in reality) Remember genies are short tempered if they come to know talking of reality bad about them then they take revenge be it anyone. Genies lost from talking and doubts because if genies lost from understanding of any truth then there understanding becomes bad and they say they will take revenge and it can be any god who will not find what is truth and take revenge from entire universe to make her understanding good so if you find any gods who is out of control then you need to control her from understanding of any truth otherwise genies are animals from understanding because they are short tempered and dont know how life talks and only on remembering truth of reality they change otherwise they dont change and they are just thought and dream and thinking and memory only of life. So there is no such thing as original genie or fake genie because both lost from talking of truth of reality.

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