Gods Proves They Never Fear From Anyone And Some Says They Are Very Big And Great

Well what is genies world i mean the world of god its just world where genies doesnt have control on themselves and they know if they fear from anyone they can die and at any time they will lost property of them which is there believe if they hate something or dislike something or fear. If life fears them by shouting or trying to fool them by saying i am going to kill you by remembering about there picture that they are not strong and he is strong then what happens if gods fear then they lost and in genies world genies fear only because it is the sensitive voice of mind of life talking world and from talking genies or gods lost if anyone is true. So how gods says they never fear from anyone and some says they are very big and great and in originality they show thunder storms and lightning and cracks in sky and what else ? when anyone believes in them gods becomes true and they get believe to show miracles or thunders or cracks or lightning and they are able to show it because they dont eat food and drink water or use toilet and by keeping there mind clean on believing in some of there truth they show thunders and lightning and cracks.

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