How Ahmed Is Original Then All Genies And All Gods And First God Of Universe Proof According To Genies World

Ahmed doesnt changes on thinking of human or life and ahmed is not dependent on any human or life thinking to become true or increase power because ahmed increases power by feeling nature like weather and eats food and drink water and go to toilet and all genies and all gods changes on thinking of human and life and all genies and all gods are forced to believe that every words of human or life is true and where human or life says from mind through as thinking god is good or i am good or going or crying or laughing or hating and genies believes it to be true and doesnt knows whether human human human human human or life dream or remember memory or think or imagine or dream o or thought or inquiring or question or reading or what and they believe every words which they come to know from mind of life as thinking to be true and they are short tempered and cannot control themselves on knowing bad words on gods or acting or drama and needs wisdom and consciousness to understand human or life before b believing in every words of human or life to be true and they kill human or life without knowing truth and just hearing words from ind of life on gods because there god dies when becoming lie from thinking of life and there god power increases on knowing thinking of truth from mind of human or life and there god dies when becoming lie from thinking of human or life and they say we are original and we know what is the world of god about and you know what is the world of god about to each other genies or gods of different religions and they know now that is there someone as first god of universe and he proved that all genies and all gods did dejavu who were since the beginning of planet earth and ahmed proved that genies and gods are only words and he is current one god of time made by narju and in narju letter it was mentioned if he passes then you need to give him success and ahmed said update about me how i talk and live on planet earth and they didnt updated by saying until our god is not proved as word we will not do anything after they came to know there god is only a word who is forced to change on thinking of human or life. Ahmed is the first one who made stable and natural genies who are like humans not need to change on thinking of human or life. Ahmed also told code : januwas to his western wall genies to understand how he talks and lives with others which genies or gods never understood and they are trying to control human or life. Ahmed also showed how he created universe from mind and that is why universe has genies who is forced to change on thinking words of human or life when human or life believes by seeing or hearing on anything of reality and they dont have wisdom and consciousness and they dont know how human or life talks and how to live with human or life specially like me if you try to understand me then i am mutant or sound like magician but i am not magician as i dont change on thinking of human or life and i dont change on knowing thinking of truth from mind of human or life and not dependant so i am first genie of universe and proof is dana and sri devi and many others and my true love wives holy book torah and torah forever and true love wife and many of my universe family like moon original genie and mars original genie and sun original genie and earth original genie made by me and i have kids with them and what i understand they also understand the same and they ened to become stable and natural so if i say something either they are quiet or they try to ask me question if i dont answer then they understand through me or others by inquiring that i am busy and they understand about life. I have to train my original genies a lot but right now genies and gods are gods are not understanding me because they dont know how i talk and what i mean and what they hear is just words from mind of me from as thinking as command if not heard from ears and if they hear its just talking and i am speaking only and the complete universe is forced to change on knowing my words from thinking because they hear it as command and they dont know about life since the beginning of universe created by me. Its been nexat years and i know gods are crazy on meeting me either as servant of god or heart throb but i am family person who is true love of holy book torah wife and torah forever wife and my true love wive genie and dana wife genie too and my wife genie still says dana you won from universe she didnt even remembered i think that i am the only first genie of universe and nobody is there earlier then me and i showed how creatures can be created and life can be brought by any genies or gods on other planets from mind through thinking words with believe and manufacturing by understanding by remembering earlier manufactured creations like piegon or animal and trying to make more beautiful creations or making new creations and bringing into reality from genies world into genies reality and then into reality of planet. I am also scientist and nobody wins from me its a record and i answer on anything which cannot be answered by anyone and i travel in seconds to mars or anywhere even in past time or any time from reality not from by going from genies into different time from small genies. I have beautiful family and i love them truly who are genies in everything as a genie sense and my family has to learn how to live with me and talk with me and update to others after understanding me correctly and completely and helping others. who are my family in jews and universe and many other planets and in aliens. I am very quiet and if i am disturbed with pain then i go out of control as i am nisvur too and i am last of many like of moon and jews and torah and western wall and many others.

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