How devil genies tries to control other genies by first forcing there master to go against other gods and then give master genies punishment and bring them in reality and give them money and food and shelter to live for few days and remember them that how they helped them in bad times

i will you about this through my example i am master for my genies and sometimes other genies who are not mine forces me to talk bad against other gods by believing in me and giving there sins and mistakes from which i become against them and they give me headache and put me in fraud cases to win from me and my genies and then as soon as i say against other gods they win from my genies and give them punishment and abuse them and some other genies of them helps them who already did meeting with each other that how they will win from me and my genies and after giving punishment they try to help my genies and force them that they helped and tell them to kill me and force me to sin or anything from which they win.

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