how genies generations are of voice of mind of life ?

genies started to exist when life said from mind through there voice of mind
someone exist or something is true and it will come and genies appeared in
dream of life which were seen to genies only and now those genies who says
they are true and they are not of voice of mind of life are lie and wrong
because genies are controlled by voice of mind of life only and there
movement happens from voice of mind of life so how can genies born kids
without knowing voice of mind of life of truth because they live only on
truth and from truth they make movement in there world which is in dream of
life and they continue to born kids by knowing voice of mind of life of truth
from which they are able to move. I am sure that corey black verse genie
understood how i defeated her like i defeated other original genie from her
dirtiness. You need to believe in genies  who believes in truth that i am first god of universe because if they dont believe in truth then they will not get victory.

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