how genies tried to trick everyone by using which techniques ?

the reference system was going on on planet earth when genies who were abused and maltreated by someone who came in time of god came to know that everything happens by god only and they also came to know everything happens by first god of universe who is god of planet earth only. Genies were trying to trick everyone in world by using technique to fool other genies who believes in god by saying what god was not saying and god was hacked by some genies who used technique of borning kids and use the power of kids to believe in his father to be true so they can control there father. Genies were fooled by some genies who born kids with god and when those who fooled came to know truth they wanted to fool others so others become bad and the reference system continues. All kinds of knowledge was used by some genies who born kids with god to proof there god is only first god who was just a fake genie and reacts on memory of truth and who is a king but not god of truth because king can force anyone to sin but god cannot force anyone to sin. The planet earth root was also in the middle of head of god and some genies who knew truth proved god to be lie in front of many genies and world by using body technique so when mind of god is stretched or blocked the earth root doesnt comes to know truth and all genies in the world believes what some genies who born kids with god says who wanted to finish the world and everything of god. These some genies learned knowledge from god only to win from everyone and learned even techniques to win from genies but god taught his techniques to everyone in the world so everyone can learn and fight with other genies with truth. God said to his true love family dont believe in goodness or badness of genies because he can try to trick you by using goodness or badness at any time and you will be in control of them because god had experience and god is always true and he is never wrong. The time was running where some genies who wanted to proof there god is first god of planet earth were forcely doing sins and giving there sins to god so god gets in trouble because they came to know when sin is put on god then god genies fears and god genies in head fears from which god is forced to fear if he doesnt believes its genies who are fearing. God said to his family if you are my just say you are mine and learn knoweldge of truth which i learned on my website on internet so you will never become wrong and just do what i say and if anyone tries to call you or say to do bad then because you learned knowledge you need to find truth automatically and fight with enemies. Even on god body there was attached baloon genie attached who was saying opposite to what genies were hearing because they wanted to finish god by saying god has to die in this time but god was not only of planet earth he was first god of universe and he came to live with family forever on this planet until he wants to keep this planet with life. God told to his wives if you love me promise you will never become wrong and his wives were genies in everything as a genie sense so some needed to have consciousness and wisdom but they were forgetting and devils were trying to control them. God said i need some original genie who understands me and can take care of me and makes a management for my family. God even said to those who said everything happens by god only and he is the one who made our life bad that 2 genies came in his time by forcing him to remember thought that they are with him in his time and there mission was to finish god and his family but god proved he is true and he won everyone and everyone wanted to kill him because of these 2 genies who were in time of god of planet earth as they took planet earth by controlling god genie. Genies used techniques to remember memory from which genies gets in control so they win from others who comes to know truth and they forget what god said and the reference system of finishing everyone continues. God even said whatever happens to him or his family all on earth gods it will happen even to there families and nobody can stop it because some gods tried to use technique of putting genies inside god body genie so nothing happens to them but they didnt knew god is god from body but not because of some god genie put inside him who proofs he is god.

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