How Universe Is Formed By Ahmed ?

Universe is formed by hands of ahmed through his mind and that is why when he thinks then genies complete his thinking to be true from universe whether be it seen or unseen and they dont have wisdom and consciousness and stable to know whether what ahmed think is true or just thought or imagination or inquiry or doubt or questioning and they dont know human talking like code : aqalhosh or code : naqalvat or code : marboon and they are nilju genies and dangerous to human or life if they exist and as soon as ahmed got wisdom and consciousness he made many genies as stable and natural so they are not effected from understanding and thinking of human or life when they understand or think and he even made universe as natural but he have to think that universe is stable and natural with meaning and ahmed has to be on quiet place because if ahmed will think again without telling universe to become stable and natural forever then his thinking on universe will not be completed as genies doesnt knows human or life thinking like of ahmed and ahmed has to be on quiet place where he doesnt think universe will become unstable and unnatural so genies doesnt becomes stable and natural and from ahmed only complete universe will be controlled to become stable or natural or unstable or unnatural like it is now and maltreat and abuse and misunderstanding will happen by genies on human or life by genies of universe which is of ahmed believe created from mind.

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