human just imagines and there imagination is not true and most of the times fake and they speak freely

i am life too and looks like human too so most of the times i imaginate and my imagination is not always true and i freely imaginate on my own without fearing from anyone because i dont know while i imaginate someone is talking to me or not or someone know s what i am imagining so my imagination is not true until i come to know someone is in my imagination where i am talking about anything or answering anything. If human doesnt have consciousness while talking from there mind which is there imagination for genies only then its just lie because if they have consciousness while talking from there mind then what they are imagining and talking with someone in imagination is real otherwise in imagination without consciousness a human can imaginate anything on there own without fearing from anyone and genies believes it to be true because they are forced to live on imagination talking of humans as it will give them winning or loosing from others.

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