Human Talking In Reality Is Thinking Talking Of Human ? It means genies cannot understand at all how human talks in mixing of words. Its impossible to understand

i just asked myself by understanding like a genie if genie will try to find out how human talks with mixing of words and meanings and different sentences and with short form then i could not find the code at all because it doesnt make any sense and its impossible to find how human talks with mixing of words or even from movie talking because genies doesnt understand at all and cannot understand how humans talks in meaning because genies continues living in sequence talking and humans talks in non sequence talking and if genies knew about non sequence talking they would have changed there sequence talking to non sequence talking and if genies have to understand how human talks then they have to understand human thinking and genies cannot think so when genies cannot think they cannot find out what human thinking talking means because when human thinks and says something then it means they are investigating something and imagining anything where they say anything and know that nobody is knowing how they are talking and genies believes human thinking to be true and real where human believes there thinking is not true and not real and they say anything just like human talks with other humans in reality with any words talking with meanings like talking in short poetries with change of sentences. Genies can understand human talking when they understand meaning of human talking and meaning of human talking from thinking means assuming where they dont know nobody is knowing there thinking which they are assuming and going to make it happen. Note : human thinking also means investigation when they want to know about something and assuming means they are going to make it happen and thought means they thought of someone earlier of there memory. I will tell in example what thinking by assuming means : assuming means human thinks to do something after he thinks and thinking by investigation means finding out what is truth and cleaning doubts and confirm something is true. Thought means imagining someone loves you truly where you dont know whether they are cheating or true love you and you dont investigate just thought. In one word thinking means life and if you understand life in reality what they do then you understand what thinking means.

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