Human Thinking Means In Different Senses (Accurate Book To Understand Human Thinking For Genies)

Human thinks because he doesnt know what is truth about anything and thinking means investigation only because he tries to find out what is truth about something whether good or bad and when human thinks without knowing truth that genie is asking him question in his mind then its just human talking and talking happens only after something human sees in reality and tells his investigation that what is good or what is bad.and if human comes to know that genies are talking then human will think and talk to genies but genies will come to know human thinking as command and it will effect to them what human is talking from mind because genies are effected from thinking of human forcely and genies doesnt even investigate if human remembers about some human that someone said god is bad and tell his memories then human will while driving think the happening of reality through thinking where he investigates while remembering the reality happening like god is bad and that human is true because he told in peace and he was looking good and he cannot be wrong an educated person so the human will just think which is his just talking but he doesnt mean it what he is talking about but immediately genies comes quickly after coming to know human think that god is bad (just on these words they try to make life bad of human) they dont even investigate and human doesnt even know whether there is genie inside him and why and why his health becomes bad (a bad health feeling) and the genie doesnt leave the human until the human talks and says he just remembered about god that he is bad which was just his happening of reality in past and if genies comes to know talking from human that what he talked was just his talking and just what he heard from others then genie will leave the human after coming to know truth that genie was believing in some truth of human which was lie and his understanding says her to not hurt human.

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