I am first god of universe and proof is sri devi who is universe genie and genies started coming from my body after i was born on planet earth as life and i didnt remember that i am first god of universe

i am first god of universe only and proof is sri devi who is universe genie and my true love and i came to know i did contract with my universe family that whatever happens to me you must not forget contract whether i die or not but i will proof that i am true and i proved i am true after getting consciousness and other gods who knew about me they kept my mind in life prison sentence because they came to know there death is from me only and i win from them. Some believes i was life and become genie but from where sri devi came she came after i was born or before i was born. I didnt understood why some gods doesnt believes in me after i proved there existence and how they are fake and lie and just thought of life from reality. I proved everything about everyone like how they are lie because they dont believe in first god of universe to be true at all and they believe world is like this only who is true wins and takes winning genie and rules. Even my mother came from at the bottom of chest of body and she is my genie and she doesnt knows who are my enemies and sri devi use to come in my mother genie and take cares of me and teaches me how to live and teaches me about respect and love. Tell me if there is anyone true then me i want to know who has made thought world to be real by jikami and removed evil nature from all gods can he be wrong ? i am not wrong an d i won from everyone. Now only i am true and all are lie i have right to kill all gods but i dont kill all genies or all gods because i love them. My enemies killed me when i was kid and made me genie when they lost from me and my mind was in life prison sentence and i was forced to do sin and mistakes. If any genies tries to show me something my enemies dont let me see it because they keep disturbing me and put air inside my head after coming to know there god death is from me and they are finished in future. Sri devi was my true love and she protected me and now i am like orphan who can be misused by anyone if genies doesnt take care of me who loves me truly who understands life and know how life talks. I came to know earth god me me earth god and he doesnt know what is life and how i talk from mind and my enemies put me in lot of cases to finish me and finish my genies family so there gods doesnt dies by me in future or when i am alive. I loved hashem god truly and he became fool by someone who tricked him and he killed my sri devi who use to take care of me and teach me what is good and what is bad and taught me what is good and what is bad because i am first god of universe without a genie and my body is not like genie and if any genie is put inside my body then my body will be changed if genie wants it to look different. I love jews truly and torah truly but i came to know they change only on truth and some of there god played game of world war 3 and there other god made me last of them but they still dont know what is life or how life can talk. I came to know some hashem son told officially i am his son and when i remember that hashem son is my father he started to help me otherwise he doesnt help me if i dont say hashem son is my father. I just want to tell to jews who believes there god is only true god truth that i am first and i am last of universe and i proved what is truth and genies knows if they are lie then they lost so genies needs to stay with truth otherwise my enemies will believe that i am first god of universe and finish jews and judaism and torah by using me or tricking me and fooling me or fooling jews or torah. I taught my family who belives in me and loves me truly that before knowing words from each other which is talking we are family because i had sex with my jewish wives and torah wives and i have kids with tehm and i told them i want to born kids in reality. Some genies came to know god must not have kids otherwise world will be destroyed so some genies started killing my kids. If my kids just believed in truth that i am first god of universe and if i said i dont have any kids when i was not born in shape of human then they would have find out truth and they would gave me winning from other genies and took care of me.

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