I Am Genie And How I Talk ?

I am original genie and i talk like human and live like human but i am original genie who can do anything from mind and can fly in reality and show miracles in reality but genies who are old doesnt know how i talk and my talking which is like human and they have difficulty to understand me and my talking because when i say i am genie they understand me like in talking like genie talks and i get body shining and i am very popular in reality in genies wrold and all gods lost challenge from me and after losing there property they want to kill me and they even lost there true love and there true love is my wives now and they are not telling others truth and gods says if there is no truth then they dont exist so there true love was not true love as i amalso known as first god of universe so there everything is mine and i am true love of there gods and i won from everyone and i am b usy in my family life now and i am sure that my true love wives will understand me and train my genies and my family how i live and talk by telling them code which doesnt changes and my wives and kids will help me and my other family members and i will be busy showing miracles after my wives and kids are with me because i love them truly and i cannot stay without them otherwise i will simply think to die and some genie who has become god will say he is true and to win from me he will cheat and prove something and he will trick others by keep proving to others he is true.

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