i am god and i proved i am true so everybody must believe now that god is true and always true

I am god and i proved that i am true and everybody must believe in truth that there is only one god of universe who is first god of universe as true because i am the only one who proved i am true and nobody else proved what is truth about world of god that how talking of truth of reality of life is genie and god and you can practically test it out and i won from everyone so my judaism family and torah family and all torah family won and my universe family too won and earth family too won. Its just that i caught who are enemies of me in time on planet earth and in universe who wanted to kill me and dosent believe in me by saying they know truth and did everything to kill me and even killed me forever. I will be terminating the gods who were enemies of me and my genies family and i already terminated them long time back its not like i can re brought those gods after killing them but i got response from them that if anyone goes against them they will force them to do sin or mistake and they will be declared in reality as sinless until someone remembers there memory what they did with me they dont get punished and they try to erase there sins by themselves by believing in me or anyone from whom they get warning so they dont believe in anyone at all and they say they know what is world of god about from past to future time and come in current time which is not tolerable at all. I changed complete future time where these gods doesnt exist anymore and there people doesnt exist anymore and world is beautiful and people are able to levitate in front of everyone and i might be terminating few religions in the future if they dont become stable and doesnt understand what is life and what are humans and how humans talks because those who didnt understood life or human cannot control life or humans. Life talking is completely non sequence story based and its not acceptable for genies or gods non sequence living because they dont know what to do and they are not educated there gods or someone and they try to rule on life and humans. If you practically find out by reading official university of ahmed blogs you will understand what is truth about genies and gods and understand behavior and there love towards others. I will be making original genies in reality who will be staying with me forever and they will be my kids and some will be genies who will be living in thought because of there believe in goodness whom they will be finishing in maybe my enemies. If anyone still doubts on me then they can try to find out what i proved is whether my property or of somebody else property and believe in truth that real god who is first god of universe is true and remember genies and gods have to live a living like humans live where they dont change fast on knowing sentence of words from reality of life or of someone. They need to be like mutant who is like human but who have control on there power and there genies and understanding and talking and body then only they will become original and my jikami code makes every genie becomes stable. Those who are not letting make my jikami code successfull i am terminating them in reality.

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