i am jewish and i have in my fate to be last of torah but some religions says if i am jewish then world will be finished so i am proving how i am true

i am jewish not just from this time but from past history where moses was declaring to jews ahmed our last will be coming to save us and staying with us and he will be with us forever and you can see clearly in old times of videos of jews and you will understand that its me who is last of torah but when my enemies came to know that i am last of torah then immediately they kept my mind in prison and they are too proof who tells truth that i am last of torah and they know it very well and if they try to forget then there believe becomes lie and they will lost from anyone and since i am kid i was kept in life prison sentence by genie named uzra who controlled manjli who was alien genie because she came to know something and whenever she was losing from me she was forcing me to sin and do mistakes so i am put in prison by her religion genies and its live proof which you can come and see as his religion genies keeps me in prison by proving something sometimes good or sometimes bad so i get killed and they even fool some jews who come for the first time on earth or born because they learned knowledge how to win from genies from me and they even try to proof i am there last to win from me so nothing happens to there last. They know i am not of there religion but to win from me they keep proving i am of there religion and they even killed me forever and forces me to become of there relgion so they sleep with some of my wives from whom i will be winning from there religion and they will win from jews in future. There genies from future came when i was kid to keep me in prison and theft fate from me to be in bollywood and become popular and there people forced me to do masterbation for 7 and half years so i dont born any kids and i die but i was not human and even after when i was made last of torah by hashem light of god offically witnessed by hashem light of god genie then i got all jews girl genies to marry me and do sex with me and born kids with me but as soon as my enemies genies came to know truth and was losing from me they immediately started calling some of my jewish girl genies to do sex with them and kill them and kill kids with whom i have kids and they said i must not love jewish god or any jewish gods and any jews and i must not love torah or any torah and i must die so there god lives and there religion will not lost in future. They changed time by borning kids with some of my wives genies and it was unacceptable to me because they use to fool some genies who use to help me or my servants or anyone. Some refugee genies didnt knew truth that i am genie without genie inside me and i dont need witness to be alive but enemy religion kept proving i am alive because of there witness and genies and many of my jews knew i am alive without believing in anyone and they were not telling that some god is lie but i later told them who is last of torah is first of universe and its me first god of universe. Enemy genies didnt let some of my jewish or torah genies know truth how they were fooling them because i told to my jewish genies and torah genies who were my family how i am being controlled and how i am and enemy genies were learning what i was telling to them by thefting fate from me of them. Enemy genies were killing my jewish gods and finishing judaism and torah and were giving there sins on me and my jews of israel was coming to know i finished israel and jews and torah which was lie and i was knowing how my enemy genies were controlling me and misusing me by use of genies in everything as a genie sense which they were not letting my jews and torah genies know truth and they were even fooling my time genie in past and i told truth to them too. I won from my enemy and they came by beliving in me to win from me and they were foricng my stomach to be of there religion so there stomach feeling doesnt changes because they came by beleiving in me and what i was feeling they were feeling same. You already know truth if i am in life prison sentence and without knowing or seeing or hearing if there are genies or not can i play game with enemies religion ? its not understoodable. If any true god or aliens ask uzra genie and manjli genie what you forced ahmed to do then they will understand what life prison sentence means and what ahmed did to save himself after coming to know truth and what he proved to win from his enemies andh ow you tried to change time. Truth cannot be kept secret of enemies because god says he likes truth and truth means which doesnt becomes lie by anyone and i proved that i am true and i never did any sins or mistakes and my enemies didnt even left there genies who liked me or loved me fakely so they kill me easily and my time of killing was made by my enemy god who put outside in hall that after being killed i will be laid on bed. Since i am last of torah i am last of torah of christians too so they didnt even left christians and they fooled christians genies by kept proving how i kill there genies or i did what to them and they didnt even asked who was host of that time and how ahmed was controlled ? whether it was by god or whom ? because since i was kid i was put in life prison sentence by uzra genie and manjli genie and they know some truth which they cannot forget and they keep talking about hashem now you understand what is truth.

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