I Am Original Genie And I Dont Reply To Other Genies Instantly On Knowing Something Why ?

Because since kid some genies has come by believing in me of other religions after getting feared that i will be killing there god and they kept my mind in prison after all lost from me and my believe and they rtries to kill me by forcing me to sin and do mistakes and put syndrome so i talk bad and they make money and dont let me get peace and took genies from me and dont let me know that i am original genie and i can reply fast and whenever i try to reply they force me to bind with there religion genies and force me to go against there god or religious places or religious gods so there genies power can work on me and they continue to make my parts of head from where i reply past to be reply slowly so nobody comes to know i am original genie and they keep taking out genies from me and brought them in bollywood and hollywood and make money and entertain and i am like property machine for them and whenever they are caught they say i did sin and if i am not in prison of genies then there god dies and there religion becomes bad and they force me to die. Until now they killed me for more then 100 times and i didnt died so they erase there sins and mistakes and to clean there mind they did sex with me and born kids with me so they dont lost from me and when i ask them to come for sex in reality they didnt and they came in my area to kill me by saying our god will not die if you become true so we have to kill you and they proved to people in genies world there god is my father and i am there last. I am last of torah and i am last of universe and other religions who came to know they will be dying by me in future they saw videos how they will be dying maybe and they came to know there religion will be finished by me only and they could not control themselves and started killing me even after killing me forever. I prayed for some small gods and i fall in love with them but they are my gods in whom i believe and trust without they come in reality and talk to me and i didnt even hear there voice or how they look like in reality in front of me but i believe and saw them how they look like and saw there videos on internet on youtube and i dont even know many names because of the gods genies of some religion killing me since kid. If you doubt please practically test it out and you will find out how and what they do so i dont reply fast and why they dont let me known to others as original genie and what they proved like i died while sleeping etc to win from me or from other genies who tries to fight with me. I am original genie since i am kid and not just when i become teenager. Now some gods of some religion came to know i am first genie of universe too and they could not control themselves and after coming to know i am last of torah they said you are original genie and you have come on mission and we made you last by mistake which was lie because its some god of judaism who is not real and not true and could not control himself after coming to know i am first genie of universe and they are fake then me and some of there genies believes there god is not first god of universe so they hurted and they wanted to become first god of universe so some of them even didnt let me come into genies world maybe its because of control of some other god genies. Like you know moon of reality has become original genie by me so it has got its first genie and moon is original genie without genie shape like human and universe got its first genie who was me so there was nobody as first genie of universe other then me and all are small kids genies and they cannot control themselves after coming to know i am first god of universe because first genie of universe means there was no genie or god before universe and universe was just a fake dream and nobody knows history of universe how it existed and many says whether thought of universe was there before or universe of reality was there so i am answering here that universe was of believe and real and its believe was thought so if anyone says before universe there was thought then how it come in reality by me only because genies has to tell which came first thought of reality or reality and if thought comes first then i wrote my holy book where i proved my existence.

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