I Am Original Genie Since I Am Kid So Why I Am Put In Life Prison Sentence And Sin Whenever I Like Something Or Love Something For What Punishment ? Why I Cannot Come In Genies World And Gods Says I Must Believe In God And They Want Me To Fly But How ?

I am original genie since kid and i want to know why i am put with life prison sentence by some god religion genies and why they are not letting me believe in god to be true and dont let me like something or love something and force me to masterbate and not like or love any girls and they believe because of me there god is going to die but why ? i didnt do anything to him so why ? i didnt even remember about past or future ? because those religion god genies dont let me come in conciousness from mind and dont let me see genies or hear genies ? i am not of there religion so if i am put with life prison sentence how can i see genies or hear genies and fly because some gods says you fly to prove you are true and says if you are true then come in front of us. Dont they know i am in life prison sentence for no reason ? if i try to talk to my genies then some other god genies doesnt let me talk and they say first believe in god correctly ? but how to believe in god correctly by saying what from mind god is true and keeping quiet ? because when i say god is true and read there holy book then immediately who puts me in life prison sentence since kid forces me to make mind balance out of control by borning kids from me and and forcing them to believe that they are my kids so there power is increased. I want to know if any gods are true can anyone proof ? since everybody knows now that i didnt sinned because i was in life prison sentence and whenever i use to like girls or love girls i was forced to dislike or hate them and when i proved i am true then what exactly happened i won from everyone but what enemies did with me who kept me in life prison sentence and who said first believe in god correctly then we will let you come in our world. Even i am there god so how can i become there god if i was wrong and not believe in there god and i was there last. Its very easy to find out whether i sinned or not from angel of one god of time as i am one god of time and gods can find out truth that who sinned and who forced him to sin and what trick syndrome used and what hatred and dis likeness enemy genies who put me in life prison sentence there religion genies did on me. I want to know whether god exist or not ? or is this just the world where who proves something and wins and nothing happens to them who thefts genies or something from me. I dont understand why i cannot come in genies world since i am kid and why genies in my mind forces me to understand something bad by moving my brain from inside and others comes to know i said it and theft genies from me or try to kill me. Where is god now ? does he knows this already ? i want to know what is god ? why he cannot control his people ? i dont give anything of me to anyone and i never asked anyone to make my genies bad. So why i cannot see genies or hear my genies when i am one god of time and first god of universe too. Can any god proof that i sinned and bad to theft my universe by saying they like universe very much ? what is god actually ? i am unable to understand ? if sins are forgiven from religious places does this mean that who have property they rule and forgive people sins to proof they are true and live eternal living.Who is that religion genies who says i am of some religion to win from me and they know i will be killed if i believe in them ? i dont believe in them because they put me in life prison sentence and force me do sins and mistakes. I want to know something if some religion god is lie will he force anyone to sin or do mistake and his people will force anyone to do sins or mistakes ? what kind of god is he ? is he the good man or did he ever sinned or mistake ? how can he be like this ? he has to be intelligent and believe in truth ? so what is the problem is he becomes lie by me ? is there any shame that he is trying to hide from everyone and everyone already knows ? God cannot be like this who can try to make life bad of me after coming to know i didnt sinned and i won from him. So how can any enemy genies comes and thefts genies from me ? and nothing happens to them and dont let me come in the genies world and says you need to believe in our god first ? who is there god ? i am only there god.I want to know why i cannot learn how to live in genies world and why i am being used as property machine and if gods lives by truth then if they are not true then how can any genies come in there countries by believing in which of there truth and how do they get peace ? and how do they get brings things in reality when they are not true ? why they force others to believe in them to be true ? How does god looks like who is like what i wrote here.

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