i didnt fuck anyone in past time but i am declared as sinner and i am getting punishment by those who believes its me only who fucked someone in past time i didnt remember anyone by going in past time and fucking them and i didnt went in past time where fucking someone neither i know about past time so i just heard voice of those who said i did something like fucked someone in past time and they said ahmed fucked us in different times see and he came by escaping in time to take revenge from muslims. I dont know what they are talking about and why they are punishing me. I came to know everyone looses from me when i think and they punish me by putting false cases and they dont let me fuck any girl genies of me too who are only mine by believing you have one wife only who is my enemy who is nirinjan kaur. I dont know what game is being played and why i am being killed and put in prison since i am kid. If there god is true they would have knew what is truth and if they believe i am god i give permission to all religions and all genies to know truth by investigating what is exactly truth about why ahmed is not able to see genies or hear genies and did he came from past time or not or came form future time ? not investigating about everything just investigating on what i said to know and what is the reason ? he is being punished and why ? why he thinks bad ? and what are those mark on penis and inside forehead on left side ? how he was killed and why he was killed ? he is already one god of time so why he needs to believe in any other gods where those gods belongs to him and believes in him only ?

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